My Fan Club

Nope, I haven’t been posting much lately. But that hasn’t stopped the rash of recent accolades flooding my in-box…

This is the most awesome blog I’ve ever seen. Life-changing.

— Gabe

This is the best thing I have ever found through “Googling”!!!

— Jackie K

Look how many people you’ve made happy

— Sjon

Are they thanking me for my mojito recipe? Enthralled at my wit and wisdom?

Uh, no.

See, just under two years ago, I tossed off this silly little post about not being able to burp.

Ninety three comments later – thanks to my fifth place position in a Google search on ‘cannot burp’ – I have people who treat my blog as the equivalent of an oasis in a burning desert. They eagerly share paragraphs upon paragraphs of symptoms. They trade suggestions, offer support, and even threaten to wave printouts in front of their doctors as proof that the non-burpers are too a force to be reckoned with.

At first, it amused me. Then it started to freak me out a bit. I threatened to shut the comments down, in fact. But now, since they’ve started that oh-so-nice flattery, well – I’m content to let it be.

Besides – between the non-burpers and the rain-or-shine mojito drinkers, I manage to generate enough traffic to keep a nice little advertising cashflow coming in. Even when there’s no new content to read.

It almost makes my continued inability to burp slightly less annoying….!


  1. Diana

    My sister has had this problem since childhood. Her doc recently switched her from the Paxil she’s been on for seven years to Remeren and as soon as it got thoroughly into her system she has been able to burp. Go figure! Can I be forgiven if I say she is now “Greatly Relieved?” ;0>

  2. I can burp but I must say the only thing it’s much good for is impressing my nearly 8 year old son. That is until the day at a school event when he brought a group of friends up to me and asked me to burp for them. You know, the school where I work as a teacher. Uh, yes, son, I will now dazzle your friends and my BOSS! and the parents of my STUDENTS. Yea, that’ll happen!

    Poor kid.

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