Blowing the dust off…

I'm resuscitating this 'old and/or decrepit' site of mine - complete with a minimal, responsive, mobile-ready theme. Why? It gives me a place to practice my WordPress-fu. (Which is definitely coming in handy on the

You can’t escape home (with an update on 8/24/2013)

UPDATE: My father lost his battle with cancer this morning - August 24, 2013. Thankfully, he went without pain and with nothing left undone. At the end of the day, we can ask for nothing less, can we? I wasn't going to go back there. Not now, anyway. Or not ever, if I could help it. I'd left Michigan 23 years ago. Left to move towards something, of course. But also away from plenty of bad memories & toxic behaviors. And while there were also good memories mixed in with the bad, or relationships that were decidedly non-toxic - there was nothing really compelling to lure me back home. Or so I thought. And so I kept telling myself. But this time? The undertow [Read more...]

Damn right I’m 50 years old today. Got a problem with that?

I've been hearing the sniggers for days now. The teasers among y'all have been revving your motors, just waiting for the day... rubbing their collective hands together in glee. Even my (normally) mild-mannered co-worker couldn't resist throwing that graphic taunt my way. (Of course, he was 300 miles away before he dared fling it remotely, courtesy of Twitter.) Guess what? To those threatening to festoon my desk area at work with coffins... to the daughter who said (with a straight face, no less) that she "just didn't know how she'd be able to handle having a 50 year old mother - it's HARD on me, you know!" The ones who think I can't keep up, can't remember, can't kick [Read more...]

On using the #stupidhappys to GSD* already

Yes, I haven't written here lately. Why? I've been busy already. Doing what, you wonder? my house, for starters. (BO-ring, says the crowd.) Building yet another site for yet another volunteer effort or two. Surely my budding diva deserves her own vanity domain, while her jazz band could use a new shiny site as well, no? (Ahem - still boring, Richter. Got anything else?) Getting my girl teenager off to high school every morning - which apparently requires homemade egg/cheese/meat sandwiches lovingly made with my own two hands. Thankfully, it does NOT require getting her to said school - a task I was able to set aside after 12+ years of managing [Read more...]

Sun Richter makes her professional debut…

...and it was a knock-out of an evening to be sure! We have photos of Sun with Esperanza Spalding (the event's headliner) & Hailey Niswanger, both performing as part of the American Music Program benefit concert at the Gerding Theater last Sunday evening. She even had her very first request for an autograph after the show! But don't believe what this oh-so-biased mother of the baby diva might say - instead, noted local photographer John Rudoff captured the event for Oregon Music News. And yep, he brought tears to my eyes with this description of Sun: ...and the diminutive Sun Richter, whose immense voice far outweighs her, stunned the audience with her blues. [Read more...]