Tips For Doing Your Hair Color At Home

If you decide to do your hair at home, you need the right tips in order to do it right. If you have the right tips, you don’t need to go to the salon in order to color your hair. You can turn your home into a spa if you want to, it all depends on what you decide. Some of the factors to keep in mind if you have decided to color your hair from home include:

Tips For Doing Your Hair Color At Home

Tips For Doing Your Hair Color At Home

Don’t trust the packaging

When you are looking for a hair dye, don’t trust the model on the box. The hair color you are seeing on the box does not mean that your color will be that shade, it can either be lighter or darker though most of the time it is lighter. If you have decided on color depositing conditioner brown, make sure that it is in the right shade that you would be comfortable with. Trust more the chart than the model on the box to know how the color is likely to turn out.


When it comes to hair dyes, it can either be semi-permanent or permanent. Temporary dyes are made in such a way that they don’t have a developer or have a weak one. That means that a permanent dye is likely to turn darker than expected since it has a stronger developer. Since they have a stronger developer if they are not rinsed out well or followed up with a conditioner, it will continue being a darker shade.

Your hair textures

He kind of texture you have will influence how the dye will work on your hair. There are textures that absorb color more easily than others, for example, fine textured hairs don’t absorb color easily. The kind of texture you have will also influence the final color result. Curly hair textures tend to be cooler toned finally.

More is better than less

When you are shopping for a hair dye, it is better to have two packs than one. Though that depends on what you are planning to do with your hair. For example, if you are only doing highlights then you will not need much dye. If you have long hair you need at least two packs so that every strand is soaked up in dye.

Concentrate on the roots

In a hair shaft, the ends are normally more porous and hence are likely to soak up colorfast. In that case, you need to concentrate more on your roots. They will take more time to absorb the dye and if you don’t concentrate on them you might not get the best results. The ends can always be stained even when you are rinsing out your hair.

Work in sections

When you are coloring your hair, working in sections will make your work much easier. Partition your hair and work in sections.

Condition afterward

When you are dyeing your hair, you have to condition your hair in order to close the cuticles. Otherwise, the dye will continue to color your hair.