Creating A Pet Friendly Home

All pet owners know that keeping their pets happy is part of their priority. As much as there are many other things that can be done to keep these animals happy, it is important to make the home as pet-friendly as possible. While creating a pet-safe home which is at the same time stylish is not the easiest thing to do, there are measures that you can take to still make sure that you are a success. You just need the right planning and the right materials. Some of the ways you can make your home more pet-friendly include:

Creating A Pet Friendly Home

Creating A Pet Friendly Home

Pet-friendly furniture

Investing in pet-friendly furniture goes a long way. When it comes to fabric it is better to go for the stain resistant variety, especially for the upholstered or slipcovered furniture. When it comes to the couch or carpet, you should be aware of pet hair and dander. You should also be aware that odors from the pets can sink in. It is important to avoid some materials such as silk, velvet, and tweed as they are not only more prone to odors but also stains and scratches. Synthetic varieties of microfiber and leather can work better since they can always be wiped clean and are stain resistant. When it comes to choosing colors, it is best to avoid very light colors as they are likely to show the stains.

Buy dustbins that have lids

If you have pets in the house, there is a likelihood that they can prey into your bin as they look for food especially bones and meaty stuff. That also means that there is a risk of food remains being strewn across the floor. It is, therefore, better to get bins that have lids, especially the tall type. At least you will be sure that your dog or cat access it. It is better to go for the durable kind and it should be stored well. If it is possible, store your bin in the pantry or behind a kitchen cabinet where the pet will not knock it over.

Choose the right flooring

Once you are a pet owner, it is good to have the right kind of flooring preferably tiled floor. If you have to do carpeting, avoid the fluffy type. Many types of carpets are likely to get damaged from pets and they can get stained and smelly.  It is also best to choose materials that are washable and ones that cannot get ruined from scratching.

Put medication and toxic substances out of reach

The truth is some medicines and substances may be toxic to pets. It is therefore important that they are kept out of reach. There are also some foods which may be toxic to animals such as chocolates. Identifying these items and putting them away will help a great deal. In addition to that, there are some plants that are toxic to pets. When buying plants, research about them just t be sure that they are pet-friendly.