Is Laminate Flooring Better for Your Home?

With the many types of flooring in the market, it may get confusing on which one to choose. The trends are changing everyday which makes it even more confusing. While we all desire to have a beautiful home, beauty is relative and all depends on one’s tastes and preferences. One of the flooring trends that has taken the market by a storm is laminate flooring. Is laminate flooring actually better or is it just a fad? Some of the reasons why laminate flooring is considered better include:

Is Laminate Flooring Better for Your Home?

Is Laminate Flooring Better for Your Home?


Laminate flooring is more durable as compared to many kinds of flooring. This is due to the fact that it is strong and scratch resistant. It has a resin coating and a tough outer layer that protects it. That makes it even suitable for use in high traffic areas. As much as it is durable, it depends on the type of laminate flooring that you are using, for instance, oak leaf laminate is more durable comparatively. It is also better to choose a floor with a high AC rating.

Easy to install

As compared to other types of floors, laminate flooring is like the easiest. It can be installed by literally anyone as the boards are made to interlock. It can also be installed on top of other floors without the need of being glued, stapled or nailed.


If you are into the wooden kind of floors, hardwood flooring can be so expensive. Laminate flooring is the cheaper alternative that you can opt for and will still give you a luxurious finish. The best part is that laminate flooring comes in a wide price range and hence you can easily find what you are looking for.


The good part about laminate flooring is that it has many options. It does not necessarily have a wooden finish but can also have stone and tile finishes. It comes in a variety of colors, thickness, surface treatments, and plank styles. You can therefore easily find the style that you are looking for.

Easy maintenance

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain as it has a surface that is moisture and stain resistant. That, therefore, means that you do not need special cleaning agents in order to clean the floor. To clean it you only need to sweep and you are good to go.


For allergy sufferers, laminate flooring is one of the best options for them. That is because the floor has been made in a way such that it does not absorb moisture or dust that are potential allergens. It is also hard for laminate flooring to get mold as it has an underlayment that acts as a moisture barrier.

As mentioned earlier, laminate floors are very versatile but it is good to note that it is moisture resistant but not necessarily waterproof. When installing it, make sure that t is done well so that moisture does not find its way on the edges or beneath the surface layer as that will ruin the floor.