10 Home Decoration Tips

Home decoration is about highlighting the good things in the home and hiding the flaws. This is something that can be tricky for some people if they have no experience, while for others it can be a walk in the park. On the brighter side, there are interior designers that can get the work done for you professionally. These are experienced people that do this on a daily basis and can work on your home depending on the sort of style you want to have. There are still those that would want to decorate their homes without breaking the bank, and that is why in this article, we are going to take a look at some home decoration tips to set them off in the right direction.

10 Home Decoration Tips

10 Home Decoration Tips

Start at the Front Door

The first thing that people come in contact with when they come to your home is the front door. This means that you would want their first impression of the home to be a good one by giving the door a fun, glossy hue. Red, orange, and yellow are colors that are considered lucky colors in many cultures, and they are also very welcoming, showing joy and warmth. Those are some of the colors you might want to consider for the home.

Wall Colors Should be Light and Neutral

Neutral colored walls are the easiest to decorate, and they also have the tendency to make rooms feel bigger. These can include gray, beige, and white shades and would make perfect colors for the interior of the house, and especially the first floor.

Let the Sofa Talk to the Chairs

The seats in a house should be set in a conversational manner, facing each other, probably in a U shape. This gives the room a sense of intimacy and balance. Do not push furniture against the wall, a common mistake in many homes. People think that it makes rooms feel larger, but it does the opposite. Rooms actually feel larger when the furniture is put away from the walls.

Let the Sunlight into the House

Get rid of those heavy, outdated drapes and let the sunlight into your rooms. Use functional and elegant window dressings that are draped in light colors that won’t fade. Some of the best materials to use for this are cotton, linen, and silk due to the fact that they tend to hang well.

Use of Mirrors

Mirrors make spaces look brighter and bigger since they bounce light around the spaces. This is why you should consider hanging a mirror in at least every room in the house, perpendicular to windows. Hanging the mirrors directly opposite windows isn’t a good idea because chances are that the light will bounce right back out of the window.

Adorn Walls with Artwork

Place artwork on your walls in the right way. People make the mistake of putting the artwork too high up the walls when the middle of the picture should actually be at eye level. At eye level, it is easier and more comfortable to admire the pictures.

Layer the Lighting

There are three kinds of lighting that should be found in every room. Ambient light is the light that lights up the room, usually coming from the roof. Task lighting is used to light for certain tasks, such as reading light, or kitchen island light. Lastly is the accent lighting, which is used for decorating purposes and highlighting things like artwork.

Anchor Rugs under Furniture Feet

Rugs can be used to define seating areas in rooms, and if all the feet on seats can’t fit on it, at least try to make sure that the front feet do. Rugs are available in many sizes to suit any needs.


There will be the need to declutter at some point and you’ll realize that you have more stuff than you need and the house is holding more than it should. The best way of doing this is by hiring someone to do it for you since chances are that you might not realize you have as much stuff that you don’t actually need. A fresh pair of eyes can do it better for you.

Raise the Ceiling Using Visual Tricks

There are many ways of making the ceiling feel higher such as painting them white or hanging curtains higher than the windows. Having large mirrors against walls also gives the rooms a feeling of being bigger.

A Christian Approach to Home Decorating

We are now going to take a look at a Christian approach to home decorating. The bible doesn’t talk about home decorating directly and this means that there is no specific way that a Christian should decorate their home. There are, however, some things that they should consider based on the scriptures. We should start by creating motivational things and not things that will distract. In 1 Corinthians 6:12 we learn that despite everything being lawful, not everything is helpful. Things that motivate us make it easier to do what God expects us to do.

We also need to watch the adornments we put in our homes. We need to have things that are safe around those in the house. There is also the fact that we shouldn’t decorate our homes to show off or impress other people. The decorating of homes should also come with the right priorities so that we don’t spend our money frivolously. Time and money are precious with verses like James 4:15 reminding us of how short life is as quoted here, “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”


There are many ways that we can decorate our homes, but as we have seen from Being Virtuous Women on a Christian Approach to Home Decorating, it should be done the right way and for the right reasons. The verses that are quoted on their website act as guides for those wishing to decorate their homes the Christian way.