About @betsywhim

Who am I, anyway?

  • This sums it up: Always mercurial, often random, never predictable.
  • Fifty-something single parent with two kids: Sixteen year old Drama Mama (these days, she’s better known as @CouldBeSun) and #HeTeen – now out on his own, formerly known as The Mogul.
  • NE Portland resident for eighteen years, with a short stint in California (don’t throw tomatoes, please) and a longer stint in NYC. Born and raised in Michigan.
  • Email me: betsywhim at gmail dot com. I check my email constantly, and respond regularly. Oh, and of course, I’m behind betsywhim.com as well.
  • I also spend too much time using various social media tools – you can find me on Twitter as betsywhim; I’m on Facebook and various flavors of IM as well. Stop by and say hi!

What else can I do/have I done?

  • 20+ year media veteran (both old-style and digital); now part of executive team at a PDX software company
  • I’ve contributed to and/or created “more blogs than the Iranian missile program” (according to a fellow blogger), including my managing my daughter’s elementary school site once upon a time.
  • While I’m no longer writing regularly for DotMoms (find my archive here, I’m still an original Dot.Mom (according to the Wall Street Journal, anyway…)
  • Alas, OurPDX is on hiatus – but it will emerge again….I’m the silent partner, editor and publisher behind OurPDX Network a Portland group blog I started in June of 2008. (Every now and then, I might actually write something there as well…)

What do others say?

  • My kids will often tell me that I’m the “meanest mother in the whole wide world” right now. I take pride in that fact – it must mean I’m doing something right. Or, as my friend Karyn replies when hit with the same accusation: “I’m going for the gold, baby. If you’re gonna do it, be the best.”
  • I’m in a book! Blogosphere: Best of Blogs had this to say about yours truly:

    On the My Whim Is Law blog, Betsy shares parenting strategies from the perspective of a single mom of two children with a wicked wit and strong sense of conviction. Using the same aggrieved tongue-in-cheek tone first used by Erma Bombeck, the popular motherhood humorist from the 70’s, Betsy shares stories about her ongoing battles to get her daughter to do household chores properly, dating with children, and tips on enjoying a kid-free weekend alone in the house.

    (My charming son sees the Erma Bombeck bit as yet another sign that I’m ‘old and decrepit’, urgh…)

  • The kids and I were in a newspaper article about blogging; read it here. Of course, I got labeled as a ‘loud voice’ online, which is so not true, don’t you know…

Some of my more personal posts…