My Whim is Law

…where a single parent in Portland still believes that wishing will make it so…


Note that I’ve usually snagged the ‘betsywhim’ setting almost everywhere worthwhile that you *can* grab it. There are several different ways to get in touch with me, should you so desire:

  • Follow/find me on Twitter: @betsywhim
  • I’m also on Facebook: Betsy Richter
  • Also these services: LastFM, Plancast (as Redoing Media), Posterous (the former home of, and Tumblr for betsywhim minutia (also borrowing
  • If you’re older than my children and not looking down your nose at email, you can email me at betsywhim(nospam) at gmail dot com.
  • I’m also writing/talking/blogging about media over at Redoing Media; that email address: betsy at redoingmedia dot com.

…or leave a comment on any post that you fancy – I get even more email when you comment.

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?

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