I’m an original dot.mom

cartoon_single panel.JPGAccording to The Wall Street Journal, no less, I practically gave birth to my first child online (see the entire yellowed cartoon, circa 1994, here) – although, to be fair, that depiction in the cartoon panel to my left is a more than slight exaggeration. And yes, my laptop and modem were my trusty companions during my enforced ‘hospital house arrest’ while we waited for my second child to be born .

I remember how cut off I’d feel when we’d bounce into a room where online access was verboten, and I negotiated with each nurse about the placement of the heplock device when they’d switch it to my right hand so it wouldn’t interfere with my typing and/or mousing abilities. And both times post-partum, talking to friends and colleagues online – whether in email, online communities, mailing lists or blogs- is what’s kept me sane and connected to an adult world, and better able to cope with the many challenges of being a single parent today.

But despite the WSJ immortalization, I’ve not been an “official” Dot.Mom – until today, that is. I’m joining the cadre of DotMom collaboraters over here at the DotMoms site. (I’ll be contributing posts on the 20th, 29th and 6th of each month – today’s is a reworking of a post last week for my regular readers here…) Do check it out, even if you don’t have kids – it’s a collection of smart, articulate women sharing their stories about raising children nowadays, done with style and grace.

My more serious and contemplative writing about being a single parent will probably end up over there – while I’ll still be snarky, irreverent, and all-encompassing on this site. Warning for any DotMom readers: Yeah, I’m snarky and irreverent here. Also, opinionated as all hell. And yep, the language isn’t always family-friendly – but I recharge my parenting batteries here in this mostly kid-free zone (although you’re free to browse through the kid archives here to read about my always-imperious daughter and my often-methodical son.)

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  1. Congratulations on the new gig! I read DotMoms regularly so will be looking forward to reading your contributions there.

    The cartoon panel is hilarious. The typical post-partum stay in Japan is one week and I thought I would die of boredom without English tv shows and Internet access. Little did I know that I could get just as addicted to my newborn. ;P

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