Sun Richter makes her professional debut…

…and it was a knock-out of an evening to be sure!

We have photos of Sun with Esperanza Spalding (the event’s headliner) & Hailey Niswanger, both performing as part of the American Music Program benefit concert at the Gerding Theater last Sunday evening. She even had her very first request for an autograph after the show!

But don’t believe what this oh-so-biased mother of the baby diva might say – instead, noted local photographer John Rudoff captured the event for Oregon Music News. And yep, he brought tears to my eyes with this description of Sun:

…and the diminutive Sun Richter, whose immense voice far outweighs her, stunned the audience with her blues. (“Punching above her weight” is a phrase coined for her.)

(Do click through to the OMNews article to see the rest of John’s gorgeous photography, along with his recap of the event itself…)

Not enough for you? Still need more proof? Well, this commenter on local blogger Jack Bogdanski’s post (thanks, Jack!) about the diva’s debut had this to say:

I was lucky enough to have a front row seat. Sun was fantastic. Poised and sassy.

(Damn, I knew I should have sprung for up-close tickets…!)

Of course, I had to put John’s photos into a Flickr gallery of my own.

Now do you understand why I’ve turned into such a #stagemom lately?

And I’m betting I’ll be writing posts like this one a few times more before I’m done…


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