Pulling out the roadie equipment for this weekend’s benefit concert!

The Kia’s got a full tank of gas? Check.

#SheTeen’s dress is already at the dry cleaners? Transportation schedules coordinated between the two co-parent taxis for rehearsals this week? Check and check.

And just why are we moving into performance mindsets already – well before school starts/band rehearsals kick in?

Well – there’s a Big Benefit this weekend for the American Music Program. With any luck, the monies raised will help offset the travel expenses that go along with the ambitious national competition plan already laid out for the band this year.

We already have Esperanza Spalding on board, no less. AMP alumna Spalding loves to support the efforts of her mentor, director Thara Memory.

And the band loves playing with Esperanza – along with the many local professional musicians & vocalists who’ll be taking part. (Watching at practices have been a who’s who of PDX jazz/soul talent, to be sure!)

But just having Esperanza jam with the kids isn’t enough to get them to Monterey. And it definitely won’t be enough to get them to NYC.

And that’s where YOU come in. Buy a ticket already to be at this show, ok?

Sunday, August 26th, 2012
Divas of Jazz at the Gerding Theatre in the Armory
7:30 pm (doors open at 6:30)
Tickets: $35, 50

Why? ‘Cause if we can’t raise enough money, I might be forced to putt-putt my little Kia to Monterey next year. And no one really wants that to happen…

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?