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WWWW – the sex, drugs and rock & roll edition

  • Noisy Sex Session Awakens Entire Street. Here’s the part I love:
    Gradually more and more neighbors gathered in front of the house to investigate the noise.

    I’m sure that’s exactly what they were all doing. Investigating, that is…

  • Moby admits to toilet cleaning obsession. It’s about using his bare hands, he says…
  • Guys – want to “swing a bat” just like Mark McGwire? A Minneapolis company is marketing the testosterone supplement McGwire uses as The Stud Pill, claiming it’s got bedroom side benefits, according to this story (scroll down to see the article). Wonder if they’ll be able to swing a product endorsement from the big guy?

(Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know Moby stretches the definition of ‘rock & roll’. But I couldn’t find any misbehaving rock stars – where are they when you really need them?)

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4 Responses to WWWW – the sex, drugs and rock & roll edition

  1. jon croix says:

    In all this sexy talk, there is not a single auto parts reference. Stop teasing.

  2. Betsy says:

    Jon, I save that kind of talk just for you and your site.

    I am nothing if not discriminating…

  3. Betsy says:

    I am thinking of all those disappointed Google searchers – given my salacious content of late, I’m sure they’re visiting in search of smut, only to leave cranky & with their needs unmet.

    Imagine what it’d be like if I started throwing words like crank shaft around…?

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