Ringing the auto accident cash register once again…

It turns out I’m not crazy after all. At least according to my doctor, that is.

After weeks of not feeling right post-accident (including the need to ratchet the #whimstomps down to a kinder, gentler #whimstroll) and days of popping 2 Aleve each & every morning so I could try and not hobble through the day, I made an appointment with my GP.

Told her, in essence “hey, I could be all wet ’cause I have this whole short leg syndrome thing going on and all – but is there any chance the accident might be part of why I’m having a hard time moving lately?” And she cleared time out of her schedule to get me in today ASAP just to try and relieve my mind a bit.

Honestly, I’d have been okay with hearing the ‘toughen up a bit’ mantra. Or ‘get the better lift your chiro told you to get already’. But I didn’t hear either one of those.

Instead, she listened to my paragraphs-long recitation of symptoms and changes, both pre- and post-accident. Walked me through a few basic movements. Quizzed me about details even I thought were too minute to mention during that earlier paragraphs-long recitation. And then came back with this:

  • You’re right on the money when you suspect that the accident made a marginal situation worse. (She says it’s a ‘99% certainty’ that the stuff I’m dealing with now is all accident-related, in fact – and she particularly appreciated my paragraphs-long details, as it made diagnosis that much more easy for her. Verbosity FTW – take that, oh, snarky children of mine!)
  • Your instincts to dial it back post-accident were also smart.
  • …and now it’s time to move to the big guns: physical therapy 2x a week, return visit to dr in a month for re-assessment

She also endorsed the chiro’s previous recommendation for a more robust shoe insert for the left leg, applauded the yoga stretches & foam roller work – but agrees that neither one alone can help deal with where I’m at now.

On one hand, this makes me happy – see, I’m not crazy after all. Nor am I a wimp for not wanting to walk for long distances these days, knowing I’ll only end up dragging one leg behind me halfway through.

OTOH? I miss my #whimstomps something fierce. (This part has me sadder than I’d ever have imagined a mere two years ago, in fact.) Especially since the weather’s finally gotten nice enough to thoroughly enjoy a #whimstomp during my lunch break by the river. And I worry that, without them, the weight will creep back up; the moods will become increasingly uneven & turbulent.

The only other completely good news from all of this? After hours on the phone giving all kinds of personal information away to my doctor’s medical provider (OHSU), I’m now riding on the all-expenses-paid MVA (motor vehicle accident) train. Which might also include regular massage sessions in addition to the PT, per my doctor.

But all in all, I really wish I’d never had the opportunity to ring this particular cash register just yet…


  1. Dave Richter

    An educated and aware patient, it’s good you listened to your body. Now be a compliant pt and get the insert…

  2. Betsy Richter

    Dave – tried to right afterwards (had already talked to the shoe guy last week, in fact).

    But he’s closed all this week due to ‘family medical emergency’.

    I’ll find someone to take care of this, I promise!

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