In a bit of a lull…

In the wake of the rock ’em sock ’em themed week that was last week for me, I’ve slowed way down to re-evaluate where I’m at, and/or re-determine what I want to do next.

I’m the one in red, sadly…

Since the hip is still bothering me & I’ve not been able to get the needed shoe insert yet? The #whimstomps have moved into a kinder, gentler #whimstroll phase.

I still walked across the river to get to the Open Source Bridge conference this past week (hate driving & paying for parking in downtown PDX, so walking and/or mass transit was the default), for example – I just can’t go cold turkey after actively looking for ways of walking/moving more, it seems.

Also on hold? That whole ‘getting stronger’ bit. Haven’t seen the inside of a gym since June 11th. Don’t think I’ll go back until Sunday at the earliest – and only if it fits into the schedule.

Do I worry that I’ll slip away from it? Nope, not at all. Feel free to kick my ass if I’ve not been to the gym again (or, alternately, talking about doing early AM squats on Twitter at home) by mid-July, though – pretty please? Thankyouverymuch.

What has stayed constant?

  • The yoga practice at least 5X a week before bedtime.
    (Why not every evening? Um, there’s a reason I’ll get to down below…)
  • The paleo/healthy eating practices, of course.
  • And the saying no to toxic bit.
    (Well, almost entirely. Maybe. Perhaps. See below…)

The other nice thing that’s stayed constant? Being able to wear a #whimgrin from time to time, courtesy of the guy who’s helping facilitate same.

(Wearing a #whimgrin on any given morning usually means I may not have been home the night before to do the nightly yoga practice. If I can live with that (& the kids are happy doing that ‘la la la la la I know NO-think’ Colonel Klink bit) – you should, too!)

Or discovering that there may be other candidates interested in stepping into his role as chief grin instigator.

(Yep, #1 is aware of this possibility ’cause we’re all adults/don’t play games here. We both have complicated, busy lives as-is & this is still in an embryonic phase. In other words? Too soon for exclusive & we’re all cool with where we’re at.)

So if you’ll excuse me? I’m going to take a break from the ring & go play for a bit.

I’ll do my yoga, develop my #whimstroll abilities, practice smiling often & keep eating the kale & drinking the bone broth that so disturbs @robwagpdx.

Once I’ve recovered a bit from the latest round of rock’em sock’em? I’ll be back in there, whaling away…never fear!

And if I’m not whaling by mid-July, well – send that blue guy after me again. OK?

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?