Last Tuesday? Not a very good day…

Woke up to a ringing phone call from the east coast – at 7 am, no less. (That’s usually never a good thing…)

Woke up with the nagging twinges that have been occurring with greater frequency in the right hip.

And then, I was sideswiped by a little old lady later that afternoon (as I was hustling over to see my chiropractor about the hip, no less).

The driver to my right as we both headed east on Belmont thought she needed to be in my lane, it seems. The only problem with that? My car was already occupying said lane. So after crashing into my car, she then crossed over, drove onto the sidewalk, knocked over a sign post & ended up against the wall of the building at the corner of SE Belmont & 10th.

Thankfully, neither one of us were hurt. But that little set of dings on the red car? The car that’s no longer driveable? The car that will need $2400 dollars worth of repairs? Yeah, that’s my car.

And after 2 days’ worth of DMV/mass transit/wrangling with multiple insurance co hassles, it’s now being fixed – on her insurance company’s dime, and not my own. (Instead, I’m now driving a Dodge Avenger while the repairs are underway.)

All’s well that ends well, you say? Sadly, the rest of the events that day aren’t nearly as fixable.

My #whimstomps? Once again on hold while we get some better shoe inserts, grrr.

(I chose to ignore this news for the rest of Tuesday – I needed the stress relief that walking provides that evening…)

And that phone call? Still knocking my world sideways, need to figure out what next steps are.

(Sorry, details will eventually come out – except to say this: cancer fucking sucks.)

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