What have I done in six weeks?

Yep, it’s time for the final installment of Betsy’s 6-week NerdFitness challenge report.

Yep, I’ve been walking. Biking (stationary in the gym, but it counts). Lifting increasingly heavier things. Doing the bendy-bendy yoga stuff every single day now.

What have I not been doing? Getting sucked into the toxic. Using rain, thunderstorms or kid emergencies derail me from my goals. Or jumping on a scale obsessively (which only messes with your mind if you do it every day – right?)

What did all of this work get me? Well, eliminating the toxic has led to more instances of #whimgrins, for example. Doing daily yoga & regular #whimstomps keeps my stress level way way way down – especially when dealing with recalcitrant teenagers.

And ok, OK – I got some decent stats/metrics to throw around here. I said I’d…

  • …walk and/or bike for 100 miles. I actually walked and/or biked 130 miles (93 of those by walking, woo!)
  • …do weekly flexibility workouts (yoga, dancing, etc.) By the end of the 6 weeks? I’m doing daily yoga sessions, for starters.
  • …do 3X weekly strength workouts, upping the weights (when used) by at least 5 lbs. Did that, across the board.
  • …eliminate the toxic. Yep, doing that/did that too.

Oh, yeah. While I said I wouldn’t jump on the scale during the entire 6 weeks, I did hop on today to see if all of this made a difference to the bottom line. And it did: I’ve lost 7 lbs, 2 inches from my hips & an inch and a half from my waist.

So yes, I’ll be signing up for the next round of the NerdFitness 6-week challenge – which starts next Monday, in fact! (Why? Because I don’t want to settle into ‘Good Enough’ complacency, as NF founder Steve describes.) Let’s see what big hairy audacious goals I can put out for myself this time around…!


  1. Betsy Richter

    Thanks, Todd – impressed as hell with your own progress as well, of course….!

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