May goals? Yeah, *stomped* those.

So here’s what I said I was tackling over the next 6 weeks back on April 30th:

  • 100 miles total. If I can do over 50 in just over 3 weeks, surely I can do 100 in 6 – no?
  • 3 times weekly strength training workouts. Did 12 in March, but slipped to only 6 in April. Might do better if I get both engines firing on all cylinders, right?
  • 1 flexibility activity each week. Yoga? Dancing? Pilates? Something else, uh, recreational? Sure… (Yes, I have someonething in mind for the ‘uh, recreational’ part, thanks.)

Guess who’s either met or exceeded her goals – for the month of May alone? Yes, THIS woman.

  • 100 miles in 6 weeks? Hell, why not just do it in May & get it over with already? DONE (To be specific: 71 miles of walking, 29 miles on the stationary bike.)
  • 3 times a week for strength training? Did it/doing it – plus upped my weights while I was at it
  • Flexibility activities every week? Um, I’m doing it daily, people. Nightly yoga at least 5X/week. AM yoga at least 2 mornings. Dancing? Check. Other recreational activities? Um, CHECK.

I’m staying non-toxic. Keeping focused. And – most importantly of all, for me – I’m in control.

Why? Don’t you know already – it’s ’cause I’m bossy like that!

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?