Guess who just walked 50 miles since 4/30?

Uh, that would be me. Yes, me. (See the lovely certificate below, courtesy of RunKeeper?)

My original goal (as part of my 6-week Nerd Fitness challenge, don’t you know) was to walk 50 miles & bike 50 miles by 6/11/12. Giving me, uh, 6 weeks to accomplish the walking part.

Instead, I did it in less than 3 weeks.

How’d I do it?

  • By tracking everything. (This is where RunKeeper on my phone comes in handy.) Well, almost everything. Nope, I’m not including walks through huge grocery stores, or the everyday walking I do as part of my life. But tracking it leads to…
  • …getting obsessed with stats. Numbers. Quantifiable, tangible proof of what I’m actually doing. Which leads to…
  • setting goals. Sharing goals (here, in the NF forum, or on Twitter). Trying to beat goals. Even when that means leaving the house at 8 am on a busy Saturday morning to accomplish same.

What’s next – especially since there’s more than 3 weeks left in the challenge? Well, I think it might be a bit of a stretch to simply double the goal to 100 miles for the 6 weeks (the insanely atypical sunny Oregon weather did play a significant role in accelerating my walking). And I’m seriously slacking on the ‘biking 50 miles’ goal (again, the nice weather meant more evening grilling & home workouts, less gym workouts, thus no stationary bike time).

But I think 90 miles of walking in 6 weeks is now the new goal. (Per RunKeeper, I’m already 58% of the way there!)

So the #whimstomps? They will continue. Although with far less HULK SMASH mode (as already noted by Twitter commenters @kmcdade & @sabrinapdx).

And to everyone cheering me along? Thank you. You seriously have no real idea just how much you keep me motivated! But you do – oh, yes, you do.


  1. Betsy Richter

    Because (believe it or not), I don’t own a bike & haven’t ridden a (non-stationary) bike in close to 30 years!

    Am thinking about getting an inexpensive one, tho – to see if I like it or not first…

  2. kristy

    You NEED to get a bike. If you like the walks, you’re gonna love the biking. If you haven’t biked in 30 years, get something with straight handlebars that will give you an upright posture–that’s my recommendation. Good luck!

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