Week 2 of latest 6-week challenge: highlights, low points & graceless tumbles

So another week of my 6 week challenge has come and gone. How am I doing, anyway?


  1. Crushing that whole ‘walk 50 miles’ thing with a bunch of long #whimstomps in the sunshine this last week. I’m 72% complete w/this per Runkeeper – or 36 of the 50 miles already done. Go, me! Except, well, for yesterday…
  2. The ‘bike 50 miles’ goal? Not quite so much, as I didn’t spend much time in the gym. But I’m betting that might just change this week. (See the ‘graceless tumble’ part for further details…)
  3. Doing a strength workout 3x this past week? Done, baby – DONE.
  4. Adding in new activity? Well – how does a daily home yoga practice sound? Added that in as of last Thursday, did a 3-hour workshop on Saturday to cement the concept in.

Low point (see also Graceless Tumbling):

  • When someone dares you to tackle a steep hill during a hike in Mt. Tabor yesterday? Even if he shoots you a grin alongside said dare that normally melts your insides? JUST. SAY. NO. Let’s just say that the resulting foot instability, sprain & subsequent tumble was not at all attractive…

Sure, I was able to make it home afterwards. And then I was stupid enough to take on another 2.5 #whimstomp in my own neighborhood afterwards (“cause I felt okay, don’t you know). But oh, did I pay for it when I tried to walk on the now-swollen foot hours later yesterday evening.

After arnica, elevation, icing, and a timely application of a cocktail or two, I’m in much better shape today. Thus far, anyway. But today’s #whimstomp (or, more pragmatically, long stationary bike ride at the gym this evening) should be an interesting one….

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