Week 1 of latest 6-week challenge: highlights & low points

I tossed out a few goals for the next 6 weeks (where I’m an active participant in the Nerd Fitness 6-week Challenge from 4/30 – 6/11) at the end of this post. And as Week One ended last night, here’s where I’m at:


  • Strength training = 3 workouts done. Plus, went up 5 lbs on overhead press, bench row already! Revised goal: increase by 10 lbs by end of challenge.
  • Progress towards walking/running goals (50 miles each): Total miles this week? 25.5. Yes, in a single week. Am 36% of the way to accomplishing walking goal, 19% made on biking goal – with 5 full weeks left to go & a lovely weather forecast for the week ahead. Yes!
  • Other exercise: Went dancing Friday night, incorporated yoga stretches into strength workout at end, signed up for yoga workshop for next Saturday. Were there other ‘recreational activities’ as well? I’m not tellin’…
  • Getting rid of toxicity: yep, well underway. (I really appreciate all of the positive responses I heard about this post – now to live it!)

Low points:

  • When you’re getting outdoors to do a #whimstomp in a park that’s new to you, you might want to look at a map of said park first. Otherwise, you may end up clogging the narrow stairway (with people waiting patiently for you to get to the top already – sorry, patient people!) as you huff and puff your way back up to where you parked your car.
  • Related to the stair climbing adventure (which happened at the very end of a 4 mile #whimstomp, after both a strength training session and a 4 mile stationary bike ride): I need to stop substituting in different exercises for the lunges I’m supposed to be doing, ugh. Unless I want another episode of Thighs of Goo again. (Lunges scare me, frankly – it’s a balance thing. But if there are more stairs in my future, I need to get Over It already.)

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