My Whim is Law

…where a single parent in Portland still believes that wishing will make it so…

Psstttt…I’m not really here

(Yep, am writing this ahead of time, ’cause I’ll be either at the farmer’s market and/or the nail salon when this actually gets published, hee…)

I’m taking full advantage of a kid-free weekend, what might be some pretty decent weather, a new and improved mindset, and a plethora of interesting activities. So with any luck, I’m so not near a computer when you read this.

Where am I? Either ..

  • at the Farmer’s Market scoring some more Olympic Provisions kielbasa & kale, for starters
  • getting my monthly pedicure – this time, with @AttyatLarge!
  • watching my friend Jeff’s band kick out the jams at a country bar
  • attending #SheTeen’s jazz band competition at a local jazz festival
  • running up a hill in Mt. Tabor park on a (hopefully) sunny day excursion with a 4 year old who loves to run (& his father, who wants to watch us both wear ourselves out)
  • dancing at an African music fete
  • getting in at least 1 more #whimstomp (in addition to that whole ‘running up a hill’ thing) & 1 strength training workout (which I might just try to do outside in Mt. Tabor, come to think of it…)
  • flirting
  • …and doing the usual grocery shopping, laundry, & house crap (note that it’s the lowest of low priorities, though…)

Note that there will NOT be any #momtaxi excursions. Or cooking extravaganzas (#HeTeen? He’s on his own…)

Nor will there be any live video of either #SheTeen or me attempting to run up a hill at Mt. Tabor.

I do hope your weekend is equally as adventurous!

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