The hardest thing I’m giving up this month

So I’m locked & loaded on what I’m doing for the next six weeks health & fitness wise.

But I need to work on removing all traces of negativity from my life.

Where possible, that is – CPS might frown on any ‘jettisoning of the sullen, hostile teenager from the house’, don’t you know…

So my AM ritual of jumping on the bathroom scale to weigh myself? Gone.

Why? I’m too fixated on a number that, these days, doesn’t actually reflect what’s happening to my body. And it’s pissing me off, frankly.

I put on a ‘new to me’ skirt yesterday – one I’d gotten from Goodwill a month ago. When I weighed exactly the same amount I did yesterday.

The skirt that was a bit too tight & restricting a month ago was loose & flowy now. And I was able to move freely in it – even for a 2.6 mile #whimstomp on my lunch hour yesterday.

Most importantly, I felt good in it.

Jumping on the scale, in contrast? Doesn’t feel good. (I know, I know – muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah…)

So I’m going to focus on things that give me positive feedback. Like #whimstomps in the rain. Or my newfound upper body strength that makes my job as #SheTeen’s roadie that much easier. Or the fact that I apparently like to wear skirts these days.

My new AM routine instead? 5 wall pushups.

Much better use of the time, no?


  1. Paula

    Threw away my scale 10+ years ago, never missed it. How you feel is far more important than that number. Other numbers may matter more, but data can be tyranny as well as liberty….

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