Stomping my way through April

Here’s what I said in this post on 4/10:

But surely I can add in at least a 1.5 mile walk every day from now until next Thursday (4/19) – right? Right.

Honestly? It was a pretty half-assed, not quite serious goal – especially given the typical spring weather around here.

But apparently, I took it to heart. Or it caught fire. Or spurred my competitive juices, anyway.

(I didn’t even know I had competitive juices, honestly. But apparently I do!)

Here’s what I ended up doing in total mileage for the month of April (adding in stationary bike sessions in order to continue on with the #whimstomp):

56.15 miles

HO-ly freaking shit. Who knew that the #whimstomp could be used for even more good as well as major stress release?

That’s an average of 2.44 miles per day – even including the 4 days I didn’t actually end up walking in April. (The average jumps to a stellar 2.96 miles when I omit those 4 days, in fact.)

Funnily enough, I didn’t realize just how much I’d actually walked until I realized the formula in my Google Docs spreadsheet was (gasp) wrong Sunday afternoon.

And then it turned into a last-ditch rush to the finish line on Sunday to get me over the 50 mile mark (which I then crushed yesterday with an additional 5.5 miles, heh. Because I’m now compulsive like that, apparently.)

Now seriously thinking about a Fitbit so I can stop doing manual tracking – thoughts? And note to my snarky teens – Mother’s Day is right around the corner, don’t you know…!

So here’s the 3 goals for 4/30 – 6/11 (stretched out so I can take part in this Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge)

  • 100 miles total. If I can do over 50 in just over 3 weeks, surely I can do 100 in 6 – no?
  • 3 times weekly strength training workouts. Did 12 in March, but slipped to only 6 in April. Might do better if I get both engines firing on all cylinders, right?
  • 1 flexibility activity each week. Yoga? Dancing? Pilates? Something else, uh, recreational? Sure… (Yes, I have someonething in mind for the ‘uh, recreational’ part, thanks.)

And what could make this even better? Knowing that my old friends at The West Wing (famous for those hallway walk and talk scenes, don’t you know) are on board with the whole #whimstomp lifestyle.

Finally, my new motto? “Walking all over that whole ‘old and decrepit’ thing…”

Update, Week One progress on latest set of challenges
Update, Week Two

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