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Apparently My Hair ‘Looked Mahvelous!’

I got dragged to another kid event last Friday night. It was fairly uneventful, as middle school events on a Friday night go.

#SheTeen was up on stage doing her thing – and two of her girlfriends from last year (both now in high school) came by to help support the school & check up on their former classmates.

One of the girls made a point of saying hello to me – and then went back to chattering away magpie-style with the rest of the clump of girls after the performance.

And I didn’t think anything more of it until earlier today, when #SheTeen recounted their conversation:

C: Hey, I saw your Mom earlier!

ST: Did you notice anything different about her since the last time you saw her?

(Whoa – SheTeen soliciting feedback about my appearance from her friends? The same appearance where I constantly hear about just how ugly my clothing choices are, what rotten taste I have, and/or complaints about the lack of color I use? Has hell frozen over or what…?)

C & B: Yeah, her hair was a lot better than it used to be. And she’s a lot smaller than she used to be. She looked awesome!

At this point in the recounting of the conversation, #SheTeen looks at me as if to say “well, you ought to know that I’m never going to say anything positive about how you look myself – ’cause it’ll just go to your head and/or make you tell me stuff I just don’t really care about.”

But maybe – just maybe – she’s just a teeny tiny bit proud of what her mom’s done. (As evidenced by the whole ‘soliciting feedback’ bit…)

In true teenage girl fashion, though – you have to note what came first.

Because it’s of the Utmost Importance to focus first on what your hair looks like, don’t you know…!

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