Ack! T-9 days…

…until the 1-year anniversary of last year’s physical. The one that got me off my butt (both literally and figuratively) to deal with some longstanding health concerns that had just moved into the yellow zone.

And how will I celebrate this anniversary, you wonder? By scheduling a follow-up annual physical to happen on 4/19/12.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m such a party animal…)

Honestly? I could stroll in right now and I’d get a huge honking ‘Most Improved’ medal from my doctor, along with numbers that are much, much lower across the board (BP, cholesterol, weight, blood sugars, etc.)

But I’m sorry – that’s not enough for me.

So I’m issuing myself a challenge (and recording it here for y’all to see…)

  • Yep, still doing the 3x week strength workouts, and will continue those indefinitely. But surely I can add in at least a 1.5 mile walk every day from now until next Thursday – right? Right. (And no, I don’t get to double up one day in order to skip the next…)
  • The fish oil capsules? Twice a day, baby. And I’ll be chugging flax seed oil as well. (May even force myself to eat salmon at least once. Maybe…) I want the-opposite-of-killer cholesterol numbers, don’t you know…
  • I’ll get 7 hours of sleep per night if it kills me. (And looking at next week’s evening schedule, it might just kill me…)

(Note that I know better than to issue myself another prohibition about that whole ‘no drinking’ bit. Because – guess what? Didn’t have that thus far this month – and I’ve opted not to have a drink way more often than not, or have stopped at just one glass of wine. Am thinking the ‘you can’t have’ makes it that much more tempting for me – where it might otherwise not even be an issue otherwise.)

I’m in the final stretch of my year-long odyssey. As I said earlier on Twitter:

“If you’d told me a year ago that I would love probiotic drinks, kale chips & coconut milk in my coffee, well – I’d have snorted bigtime.”

Or that this AM’s status report would look like this:

“Squats. Planks. Pushups. Iced coffee w/coconut milk. Eggs, pancetta, kale. Stuff for lunch, fish oil, flax oil. Moving #SheTeen. #momtaxi”

I’d really like to finish it out with a bang, and not a whimper if at all possible!

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?