We’re in Monterey!

We made it to Monterey yesterday afternoon! And by we, I mean 12 of the band members in the American Music Program’s Pacific Crest Orchestra, competing as one of five finalists in the Conglomerate Big Band division at 9:30 am on Sunday. And the 6 of us adults serving as chaperones/taxi service/roadies, that is.

(The performance will be live-streamed on Sunday; will share the link later for those interested Link now here for the serra ballroom; PCrest is performing Sun at 9:30.)

I’ll have all kinds of stories in detail, but for now, some quick hits:

  • Yes, the weather is much MUCH nicer than it is right now in Portland. I’ll try not to gloat too much…
  • I’d forgotten almost all of the good things I loved about living in the Bay Area.
  • SheTeen: “i love it here! I want to move here!”

Of course, I’m updating regularly on Twitter (photos as well) – follow along with this hashtag: #whimonterey.

…more later…

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