Worn. Out.

The moral of this story?

Don’t get too cocky.

(yes, I’m outing my flaws & weaknesses here as well as the victories – have to keep it authentic, right?)

Sure, I’ve made great progress on the whole reset/’Get Betsy Healthy’ bit. So much so that I got a little overconfident on Friday – did both a 3 mile walk on the waterfront during my lunch hour and a strength workout where I added more weight to my deadlift.

Add in an evening of dancing (make that 2 nights), not enough sleep, & an overindulgence or two on the whiskey front, and I’m one sore puppy today.

So today’s planned workout? Out the window.

Instead, I’m sitting on my ass in the recliner watching television (after downing 2 ibuprofin). Resolving to cut out further dancing excursions (they lead to late nights, whiskey &/or not enough sleep) for the rest of the month. (No, I didn’t drink enough to get to the oh-so-stereotypical St Paddy’s Day hangover stage, thanks. Just thinking I should make different choices…) And taking a break from the gym.

But just for a brief intermission.

So no gym today – instead, I’ll spend some close personal time with my foam roller to work out the soreness. I’ll use the ‘have a glass of wine tonight’ prescription from a Twitter friend.

And with any luck, I’ll be back to my early-AM routine of squats & pushups tomorrow.

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?