March Status Report #2: Halfway there!

I’ll spare you the line-by-line recap of how well I’m living up to the various promises I made for myself during the month of March. Suffice to say that I”m both drinking more and working out more than I said I would (which should, in theory, cancel each other out, no?)

And that whole ‘no bourbon’ thing? FAIL (in my defense – I toasted a fellow-bourbon-lover & soon-to-be-former colleague’s farewell by introducing him to this lovely brand last night…).

But I have an unexpected advocate on the whole ‘no means out’ front – #HeTeen. See, he texted me on Monday asking what I was making for dinner. When I came back with the ‘er…mumble mumble…hadn’t gotten that far yet.’, he came back with this: “wanna go out to dinner? on me”. See, he knew already that I wasn’t going to spring for it – and it was rainy enough where he’d pay for my meal if that meant I’d drive us both there. I did, he did – and a marvelous time was had by all.

Finally – while I may not be posting every day here, I am still on track to have 31 new posts by the end of March (this one is #16 on the 16th, I believe).

Now: gym tonight after work, followed by dancing later…

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