I am being *commanded* to drink this evening

Update: No slivovitz. So I had to make do with my usual Monopolowa w/soda & lemon from the cash bar instead. Also? I wasn’t allowed to go out of the house wearing my usual all-black wardrobe. Instead, #SheTeen had her way with me – adding a platinum blonde wig, jingly bracelets from her old belly-dancing costume, and bright red lipstick to my ensemble. She later boasted about her accomplishment on Twitter, even: “To all those who like this outfit, Mom was going to go out in all black. Good thing i keep an emergency wig on hand at all times!”

It’s a religious thing, don’t you know.

See, when your Rabbi sends you an email ‘begging you’ to join him at tonight’s raucous Purim party – the one for adults only, one where he got a great band to dance to, the one that’s being billed as the ‘X-Rated 2012 Shpiel With Cocktails’ – well, you don’t exactly tell him that you’re doing the clean living thing & that you can’t because you promised to not drink in March, do you? Or that you don’t much do the ‘school night’ partying these days. Because you’re old and all.

(Especially when your Rabbi – who is your contemporary – was nice enough to come to #SheTeen’s jazz concert at Jimmy Mak’s on a Tuesday night a few months ago.)

I’ve been to a few all-ages Purim carnivals before – and they weren’t so very raucous. Sure, there were costumes. Yep, there was merriment and yelling and hamentaschen. And no, I’ve never felt compelled to wear a costume.

Something tells me I’ll want to rethink the ‘no costumes’ approach. Or at least grab some protective covering from Lippman’s on my way out out of the office. You see, a quick Google search reveals that Purim = Jewish St. Patricks Day – and it appears I’ll be drinking slivovitz (which, thankfully, is grain free).

And if I’m getting all silly & drinking copiously – not to mention dancing (I do love to dance, don’t you know…) ? Well, I’ll probably want a mask to protect the innocent!

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?