My kale-avocado salad (aka ‘kale crack’)

I thought I had this posted already on the site – but I was WRONG. Guess I’d better fix that already if I’m crowing about it as ‘kale crack’, eh?

And since people at the potluck today asked for it (along with my friend Devon on Twitter), I went to my email archive to pull out what I’d emailed a friend a few months ago (who also came back with rave reviews.)(See my notes below…)

Salad’s super-easy. Just shred your kale finely & put in large mixing bowl. Add salt (I use coarse kosher salt, but sea salt or reg table salt will do) & 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix that thoroughly.

Then add 1 of your avocados (you should have two) to the bowl, along with the juice from a lemon (don’t know what you need if using reconstituted, I don’t measure much!) and use your hands to mix, rubbing the salt-avocado-oil-lemon mixture into the leaves until they’re soft/wilted enough to your taste. Rinse hands, and then add the other avocado, diced, along with anything else you might want in the salad – pepper, sliced green onion, halved cherry tomatoes, diced red pepper are some that I’ve used. (But you shouldn’t need a ton of add-ins, save for the other avocado & some pepper). Stir gently to combine, then refrigerate for 1-2 hours. (I don’t always do this part.)

Over time, you can play with proportions – more/less oil, lemon, salt, avocado. You can choose to dice & combine both avocados instead of mixing with your hands. (I’ve used up to 3 smallish avocados & mashed them all into a healthy bunch of kale before, too)

For today’s salad, I used two bunches of lacinto (dinosaur) kale (you can use curly as well, but it just takes more work to chop/deal with stems) and two avocados. The citrus was split between 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 a small grapefruit. And I also added in 3 sliced scallions, some shredded carrots from the Whole Foods salad bar (scored during this AM’s emergency run), & some sunflower seeds. I seasoned with both the salt & some fresh-ground pepper & a dash or two of gomasio as well.

Here’s the original recipe I started with last summer (now saved to my own Google Doc collection, of course!)

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