#SheTeen’s going to California! *

Well, just because I haven’t been talking much about #jazzband doesn’t mean we haven’t been sucked wholesale into All Things Jazzband these days. The Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra has been appearing at a few local concerts here and there, while I continue to play the role of annoying over-enthusiastic parent cheerleader & hanger-on (according to #SheTeen, anyway). But their next opportunity? Well, it’s a killer one – & IMHO, warrants a bit more enthusiasm than I’ve been permitted to display publicly about ATJB lately.

Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival

We learned last night that the group is one of either 12 or 6 (depending on the category they’re competing in) groups who made it through the recorded audition application process to move into a spot as a finalist for the Next Generation Jazz Festival in Monterey in late March of this year. Yes, that Monterey. As in Monterey, California. The home of the major honkin’ jazz festival in September.

Details are still sketchy, pending a parent meeting next week to talk about logistics, timelines and expenses. But I can tell you this – while Randy Jackson may love to crow the whole ‘you’re going to HOLLLLYWOOOOOD!’, well – we’ll definitely take Monterey over Hollywood any time.

Wouldn’t you?

* and as her official #stagemama/chaperone, am betting I’m going as well…!

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