Part One: “So what’s this whole Paleo thing about, anyway?”

I’ve been reluctant to talk more about my food practices these days – in particular, the Paleo lifestyle I’ve embraced wholeheartedly.


I remember the days where I was gung-ho about Atkins – only to fall silent when I eventually did the Frankenfood crash & burn. Have been a cheerleader for the Mediterranean Plan, the ‘eat real food’ plan, and the ‘locavore’ model.

Have toyed with vegetarianism, raw foodism, and every other kind of food-related -ism you can shake a turkey leg at.

So yes – I freely admit that I was a) gun-shy and b) afraid of (maybe? eventually?) having to eat my words one day.

And yes – I don’t much care any more. Because I’m getting good results. Feeling healthier, stronger, in better physical condition than I have in years – even though I still have a long way to go. So my children? They can laugh at me all they want to. (I’m betting I’ll have the last laugh…)

The latest proof? Eating a diet of lots of red meat, fowl, eggs or fish, saturated fats (avocado, coconut milk, butter), nuts, vegetables, and minimal dairy (greek yogurt over berries on an infrequent basis, for example) – plus lifestyle change including exercise, decent amounts of sleep, etc. – moved my cholesterol from 203 to 169 in 5 months. (Want more numbers? Read back through the posts in the ‘Get Betsy healthy’ category…)

Lower cholesterol while eating steak, bacon & eggs? You betcha…!

So yes, I’m “doing Paleo”. Which means that I’m reverting back to a contemporary version of what our cavemen ancestors might have eaten, before the birth of agriculture as we know it.

Yes, I know cavemen probably didn’t eat avocado. Greek yogurt – or any yogurt – was a foreign concept. And I’m pretty damned sure my great-great-great-great umpteenth great-grandfather wasn’t using coconut milk (!!!) in his coffee (double !!!).

But I am. And I’m in it for life.

…look for a Part Two post shortly pointing to resources & pulling in other voices…


  1. Betsy

    Yes! Another one of us…! Would love to hear stories, should get together with Sue for a paleo feast! Also have new Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook, it’s quite lovely…

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