Back by popular demand…

The SayNoToMo movement!

Better known as the Say No to More cause, it means we don’t do any of these things…

  • Bust our asses to write a novel in 30 days that no one will ever read (better known as NaNoWrMo)
  • Commit to writing a new blog post every day (NaBloPoMo)
  • Fail to groom ourselves in appropriate ways (Novembeard)

…or anything else that requires that we do (or don’t do) something every single freakin’ day.

(You hear that, I’m on the wagon as of today. Who needs to be reminded to ‘drink my water’ every day, anyway?)

The moral? No commitments. The to-do list? Completely empty.

That works for me. Who else is in…?


  1. Betsy Richter

    Robert: don’t you have a real job?
    Patti & EH: I don’t think shaving legs (or not shaving legs) should ever count against you. For you? Suuuuuuree!

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