Yes, I’m Still Alive

What am I up to, anyway?

  • We’re snowed in! For days now! Portland doesn’t usually get snow, and when we do it freaks us out, ices up and/or melts quickly, and generally causes more trouble than it warrants. This time around? We’ve had snow for days (the kids had the last 3 of 5 school days canceled.) We’re housebound, short-tempered, and about ready to gnaw each other’s arms off. Sounds like fun, right?
  • Why don’t we just go outside and play in the stuff, you might ask? We’ve also been sick. Dog-sick. So I can barely drag myself out of the house to forage for essentials, much less shovel the driveway.
  • At least we now have heat, though. See, we didn’t for close to a week. Yep, when the daytime temps were hovering at a most unusual 20ish. But we now have a new gas furnace to replace the old oil behemoth. Oh, yeah — there was a plumbing emergency in there as well. Nothing like being sick, cold and less-than-recently bathed to put one in a pleasant mood, no?
  • But the house is warm now. Hot steamy showers are my new BFF (best way to try and fight this crud.) And we’ve got plenty of food; we’re all surviving just fine. (Except for those occasional fits where I want to gnaw an arm, that is…)

For those still coming around this barren wasteland looking for traces of me, let me point you to a couple of other places you can keep up with what I’m up to: My Lifestream (including some voluminous Twitter activity) on; OurPDX, which is getting the lion’s share of my attention lately. And if you’ve stuck with me and/or have read this all the way to the bitter end, here’s a gift for you: My personalized holiday station on Pandora.

And with that? I’m outta here. I have three more boxes of those wonderful tissues with lotion in them to plow through…

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?