You have not lived…

…until you’ve tried to help a nine year old learn how to take pills by practicing with M & Ms instead (after several failed attempts, we’ll try it again tomorrow.)
…until you’ve reviewed piles of resumes with wonderful nuggets like this one (listed as a strength): ‘communicating in Lehman’s terms.’
…until you’ve explained to your two children for the eleventy-zillionth time that just because they say we’re going to get snow overnight here in PDX doesn’t actually mean that we’ll see snow on the ground when we wake up the next morning.
…until you have 108 comments to a throwaway post that you made about not being able to burp over two years ago – and the non-burpers, they just keep coming!


  1. I tried to read Lehman in college, but just couldn’t understand anything he was saying. I guess that’s what happens when you try and read his work in its original German.

  2. if they’re diagnosing her with adhd, there are chewable methylin tablets (same stuff as ritalin), my son had those until we figured out the amazing week he had when he started them was a pure coincidence and they really weren’t doing anything for him (he’s autistic and ADHD so the traditional treatments don’t exactly work)

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