I am GeekGirl, hear me roar…!

I know, I know – crowing about one’s accomplishments isn’t a wise idea (for starters, Murphy’s usually lurking around the corner, just waiting for the opportunity to deliver a righteous smackdown.)

But I’m just too excited for words about the new acquisitions to my home office configuration: the 20 inch flat screen Samsung monitor and the Belkin KVM switch, which lets me share my monitor, speakers, mouse, and wireless keyboard between two different machines.

The best part? When I’m working on my Mac laptop, I automagically get two screens for the price of one, spanning my desktop over both. So I can write a blogpost in one window while watching my Twitter feed out of the corner of one eye, or save the stuff that really doesn’t need to be magnified for the smaller screen. Fun times, fun times!

Next up: converting my old clunky Windows desktop machine into a Linux file server. (I’m a little nervous about this project, but my technical guru – The Father – assures me that if I can maintain four different WordPress site configurations, I can handle this as well.)

Feel free to ridicule me all you want for my geeky ways. If my young son were here right now, I’d be hearing about my technical flaws and shortcomings ad nauseum right now – while he conveniently overlooks the fact that the wireless household network he loves to use was configured by Yours Truly, of course. Not to mention the 30 gigs of music files he has access to via said network, or the documented historical truth about just who solved the TiVo/cable/television snafu back in the day

But he’s not the one with the spiffy new mission-control-esque computer setup now, is he…?

Surely you're not going to let me have the last word - are you?