The best mojito recipe ever…

Update #2: I have another recipe that you hordes of mojito searchers might be interested in: Chocolate Mojito Pie. Try it and let me know what you think, won’t you?

Update: I edited this post on 5/25/07 and moved it front and center for the Memorial Day weekend. See, a horde of Google searchers have descended on the site, all in search of my mojito recipe. (I’m #10! I’m #10! for a search on ‘mojito recipe’, you see…)

So I’m being a good bartender and moving it front and center. But hey, you Googlers – give me some feedback while you’re here, will you please?

After several google searches, experiments, and many taste testing excursions at more than a few places (where I shamelessly stole ideas, compared my homemade version to theirs, etc.), I’ve perfected my mojito recipe.

If you have a favorite mojito recipe, that’s great. But I have four tips for you that’ll take it to the next level – I promise:

  1. Make your own mint simple syrup: 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar (use 1/3 brown sugar), heated until the sugar dissolves (you can use your microwave for this). Then let it steep with one cup of mint leaves for at least 30 minutes before you strain it & store it in your refrigerator (thanks to Food Dude for the inspiration here. I must confess that I’ve even used dried mint when fresh wasn’t available; it still did the trick.)
  2. Instead of club soda (or better yet, seltzer or sparkling water), use prosecco (italian sparkling wine – I stole the idea from local PDX restaurant Pazzo.) Or asti spumanti. Or even inexpensive champagne. Trust me on this one. Or, alternatively, try ginger beer.
  3. Add a dash or two of Angostura bitters to your drink.
  4. Consider using gold rum or dark rum instead of the light stuff (note: several mojito purists violently disagree with me on the rum switch – they insist it should be silver rum or nothing…)

And if you don’t have a favorite recipe? Try this one. Note – I used to use my beloved Magic Bullet to do a slushy version (I now have a Bella Cucina rocket blender instead), you’ll have to muddle by hand if you don’t yet have one. It’s important to go easy with the blender, though – it’s easy to over-muddle if you’re not careful.

  1. In a tall, sturdy glass (or shaker), pour in 1 ounce of your simple syrup, and a handful of fresh mint leaves (6-12 – yes, even if you’ve made the mint syrup, although if you can’t get fresh mint, you can go without. See why it’s wise to make the syrup when you can…?). Muddle this together gently with the blunt instrument of your choice, then add several ice cubes (or crushed ice if you have it), & muddle it a bit more, especially if you’ve got cubes you need to break down a bit. (You’ll make crushed ice if you use your Bullet here, although you may need to add the rum as well to give it a bit more liquid to work with.)
  2. Add 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of rum, 1 ounce of lime juice (or squeeze in a couple of lime wedges and add them in) and the bitters; stir vigorously (or cover and shake if you’re using the shaker, blend for two quick pulses if you’re using the Bullet.)
  3. Pour it into a glass, top it off with a splash (or more) of sparkling wine or ginger beer (or club soda if you must), and garnish with a mint sprig or two.


And if you’ve gotten this far and want to perfect your mojito, don’t go back to Google – go read the Do’s and Don’ts of mojitos from bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler instead!


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  1. sounds great – since on a whim i wanted to make a mojito, i can't use your recipe now… but i'm bookmarking this to prepare the simple syrup STAT!

  2. Leigh

    Mother's day today… I'm hoping to spice it up with Mojito's, thanks for the site and I hope I figure out what a bitter is (-:

  3. Kristen

    How about float with Lime Pelligrino instead of soda water? Ima try it tonight. Smoke alarm's goin off, dinner's ready.

  4. Lindsay H

    I'm not usually a mojito person, but your recipe does sound pretty great and I'd like to make a dent in my monster mint patch for a BBQ this weekend. Thanks!

  5. Lindsay

    Oh my, made these last night by the pitcher and they were DIVINE! Fabulous. Someone asked about pitchers: I measured 1 cup of my minty simple syrup muddled with about 1 cup mint (could have used more mint), 1.75 cups of rum, 1 cup of lime juice (1/2 fresh with pulp, 1/2 bottle), lots of broken ice, then topped it off with most of a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante (couldn't find proper prosecco). After it was judged and found amazing, I used similar proportions to use up the the last of the simple syrup and Asti.

  6. Lindsay, your pitcher recipe sounds great – could have used it yesterday, as I was making them individually for my friend's barbecue guests (have magic bullet, will travel…!)

  7. Mary Lou

    I’m curious as to how long the mint simple syrup will “keep” in the refrigerator? Does anyone know?

  8. John


    I purchased all the ingredients you suggest (using asti spumanti). I am concerned: Using a blender will in turn the mint leaves into small pieces? Should this be strained? Looking forward to tasting this:)

  9. John – sorry for the delay. No, no need to strain the mint – most mojitos have little bits of mint suspended throughout the drink (much to the bane of bartenders, who can’t easily rinse common shakers out in between drinks.)

    Think of it as fiber!

  10. Mandy

    Okay, tried to make a big batch with the silver and champagne already in it. Still a little swee from the brown and white cane sugar but not bad. Anyone every made a big pre mixed batch?

  11. bartender in Blowing Rock, NC
    at The Best Cellar at The Inn AT Ragged Gardens

    gave me this recipe for Mojito drink:
    muddled mint with the simple sugared water with lime squeezed on top of that or in the bottom
    Bacardi Rum and then muddle in blackberries
    I think he left off the sparkling selzter or
    mixer for the drink when he gave it to me
    the blackberries and lime are a twist to this
    drink, though

  12. spearmint or the peppermint variety

    Mint is very easy to grow and it comes back
    every year
    I cut it back in the Fall when the leaves come
    off you can pull it up if it starts to take
    over,etc.(in sections)
    Just plant it in half day sun or so and it
    is very easy to grow!!!!!!!!!! love it
    it is easy to transplant also –to give
    away to friends and neighbors for them to grow

  13. Mandy – Lindsay posted a recipe for a pitcher version in the comment here. I wouldn’t blend in the champagne (or seltzer) in, though – instead, use it to top each glass as you pour it.

    Jeanne – Thanks! (I have made my mojito with a splash of Odwalla’s pomegranante limeade juice when I found myself without any lime in the house before.)

  14. Erin

    We’re making mojitos for our 4th of July cookout – I’ve got a lemon mint plant that’s practically a SHRUB, and it will be perfect! I’m definitely going to make the simple syrup…

  15. Mallory

    Google search, #4, actually…=)
    Best mojito ever in Cusco Peru 2 weeks ago… I wish I could replicate it! I’ll try your recipe!

  16. Babbs

    Best mojito on the plate is at art and beer which is just outside todos santos, mexico.

  17. Babbs

    Best mojito on the planet is at art & beer which is located just outside todos santos, mexico.

  18. Sage

    These were awesome!! I had tried a recipe from google stating they were the best mojito – uh no~ NOT after trying yours. The mint syrup is definitely the trick of a great mojito! Thanks for posting yours.

  19. Saffy

    Google #5 here in Cali

    Wow – cannot WAIT to try your recipe. I LOVE the idea of the mint syrup!!

    I now know what I’ll be serving my guests for Happy Hour this afternoon! :)

  20. lorne

    u call 4 part brown sugar in the mint syrup, tastes good but it makes the mojito dark coloured, i suggest all white sugar if u want a clear mojito.

  21. Bryce

    In order to get the most from your fresh mint, use a mortar and pestle to grind the mint leaves with a bit of sugar. The resulting paste will mix with the drink and avoid getting mint leaves in your teeth!

  22. Chef @ Connect

    I decided to try adding the zest of a few limes to the mint during the steeping phase of making the mint simple syrup. It came out great. Try it.

  23. Maggie

    Will try this for a poolside party tomorrow! I love the idea of steeping the mint in the simple syrup. Will come back for reviews!

    ps: #2 google ad search for great Mojito recipe! :)

  24. I will try the syrup. I never use Bacardi…I prefer another Puerto Rican Rum called Don Q. And yes, although tasty with dark rum…it is so more refreshing with silver rum.

  25. Karin

    In response to Babs…wish we would have tried the mojitos at Art and Beer, but the 17 ingredient Bloody Mary’s were all we could handle at the time. Next visit will include mojitos!

  26. Maureen

    “Best mojito I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to Cuba” – that is what someone told me when I made these for a party. And all I did was make the simple syrup and use regular club soda. Before I made these with the syrup, I made a batch from a “traditional” recipe using powdered sugar, and they definitely were not as impressive. I transplanted some mint from my mom’s yard which I now refer to as my “mojito bush”.

  27. Jackie

    I totally agree with Scotty. The mojito at the Bellagio is the best ever. I was staying there with my mom a few years ago and the bartender told me it was the best. Since I’m from Miami and my Moms Cuban I assumed he didn’t know what he was talking about. It turns out that he had been to Cuba and had been taught how to make a mojito on the island. Surprise of the century, definately the best mojito ever!

  28. Wendy

    The very best Mojito is at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear Alabama…they grow their own Mint, and muddle it to perfection!

  29. elizabeth

    Lucky I am so lazy or you’d be stalked.But thank you so much for the percentage you’ve given.(recipe concocting,sampling out the best from the least.Time spent on critical drinking.Time lost forever with Cubans).The Bellagio’s got nothing on you.I toast you and shall continue to.E Now,how about a recipe for that wonderful mint salsa they serve at Crown Jewels of India type places.xx00x

  30. Habika

    I’m from Miami and my Moms Cuban I assumed he didn’t know what he was talking about. It turns out that he had been to Cuba and had been taught how to make a mojito on the island. Surprise of the century, definately the best mojito ever!
    Law Help

  31. This is definitely the best mojito recipe I have ever used! The simple syrup steeped with mint an awesome idea! Now, I have a use for all the mint that seems to grow wild in my backyard!! Thanks for sharing your recipe:-)

  32. Keri

    Lovely! This is my first attempt at making Mojitos – thanks for the great recipe! I’m enjoying one right now…Cheers!

  33. Doug

    Great variations! We’ve been making traditional mojitos at home for years using simple syrup but just stumbled upon the mint infusion idea a few months ago. Then over the weekend a bartender in Mexico made us mojitos using angostura bitters, which is what led me here now. Will definitely pick up a bottle of prosecco for next time!

  34. Try a spicier Mojito…. By using Jalapeno peppers with the Mint when steeping in the simple syrup recipe. Wow, your friends will be amazed. Just be sure not to use the center veins or seeds. Just the cored Jalapeno. Unless you love suicide Mojitos. One large or two small Jalapenos will do the trick. You can also muddle four slices of cucumber in the drink as well.

  35. Dana

    Thanks for this! I have the mint steeping in the simple syrup now.

    We are growing our own mint again this year (Aerogarden) and it was almost a pain to figure out ways to use all the mint. This will help us use it up and not be forced to drink it right then (usually not a problem, but hey, options are nice).

  36. CMC

    Hey, I am making this drink tomorrow in a pitcher I don’t see any measurments for the rum and prosecco? Can you please help!
    Thank you so much xoxo

  37. Betsy Richter

    I don’t make my mojitos by the pitcher, so I may not be able to help. The measurement for the rum for a single drink is 1 1/2 to 2 oz, I’d just mutiply that by the number of drinks you get from your pitcher. Also – the prosecco (or club soda) is added to each individual drink after it’s been mixed/poured (as a float) – I’d just invite each guest to top their glass off with as much (or as little) as they’d prefer.

  38. CMC

    so I think I messed it up lol I tried doing a try run of the mojito and its just not right I made the simple syrup (really good) I bought prosecco, limes, fresh mint from my backyard, appleton rum, and angustro bitter, can you please help me? exact measurements of everything (I like sweeter) sorry if I’m asking a bit much I just really want this drink to blow my family away thank you

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