Number three with a (Magic) Bullet

My #1 kitchen electric appliance* has to be the microwave, followed closely by my beloved crockpot. But the crockpot’s just about to lose its permanent spot on the kitchen counter for the season – replaced by my family’s new love: The Magic Bullet.

The Magic Bullet, you exclaim? That product that’s running non-stop infomercials on every single cable channel every time you turn around? The product that cannot possibly work as advertised? Yes, *that* product. Let me explain…

Our Very Nice and Pretty New blender died two years ago, victim of some horrible cracking plastic incident in the base that managed to leave the top perfectly intact. The plan has been to get the base replaced – but I wasn’t too thrilled with the way the VNAPN blender worked, to be honest, so I never quite got around to it. And since I’m both a tightwad (which ruled out buying a new one when there’s a Perfectly Good half-blender here) and a procrastinator, my children have gone smoothie-less ever since.

Enter the insomnia I’ve been fighting lately. I’ve either been watching school board rerun meetings in the middle of the night, or flipping through channels idly hoping to find something else to amuse me/lull me back to sleep. Since school board meetings haven’t been exactly lulling lately, I got sucked into the Magic Bullet blender infomercial instead – and I have to admit that it had exactly what I was looking for in a blender – the option to do small batches of things (I used to have an old Oster blender with small plastic cups you could screw the base on to do small pureeing jobs – alas, the Oster died and that feature seemed to go away, hence the purchase of the VNAPN blender.)

No, I didn’t call in the middle of the night to get the extra special bonus offer – I do have some skepticism, and some restraint. And PK (short for 'Pirate King') stilled my hand during one early morning viewing (“most of that stuff is crap, isn’t it?”) But when I noticed that BiMart had them on sale (for a price much much lower, of course), I invented a burning need to go to BiMart, and then talked myself into purchasing one ‘while I was there.’

It’s been in constant use ever since. Drama Mama wants fruit smoothies with yogurt for breakfast. The Mogul makes a mean chocolate shake at night. I’ve used it to whip out a quick buttercream frosting for cookie bars I needed to bring to a gathering – and yes, my liquor cabinet is now stocked with rum and vodka in anticipation of many adult frosty drinks.

But it’s not just about the beverages – I need a spice grinder; this will work beautifully. I’ve stocked up on avocados, tomatoes, onions and we’ve fresh cilantro already – guacamole and salsa are on tonight’s menu. And it’ll work perfectly for the quick batches of pesto I hope to make all summer long, thanks to the basil plants I also managed to buy while at BiMart.

Don’t worry – this won’t legitimize infomercial viewing (much less buying) for me. But on the other hand….that Oreck vaccuum does look really tempting…!

* not including the too-obvious stove and refrigerator, of course. Think I left out the coffee pot? Think again – I’m a french press girl all the way…


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