Me and my big mouth…

…(not to mention other things- oy, that double chin!) are both featured in today’s Tribune.

(I’ll have a link later for the out-of-towners, although thankfully you’ll be spared the photos that are inspiring my current ‘must diet, must skip the free ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry’s’ mood.) Double oy – there’s a photo available after all…and no, I’m not yelling anything at anyone (if I remember correctly, I was talking in an aside to a friend.)

If you’re visiting for the first time: yep, I’m opinionated. I may even be loud from time to time. But…bubbly? Ye gods – that’s going to ruin my jaded ‘former NYCer always wearing black’ reputation!

My thanks, though, to Jennifer Anderson and Jim Clark, who made my daughter the hit of the bus stop (and her mother pretty pleased with the article as a whole.)

…more later; work calls…

Update: All of the school posts are usually over on MetBlogs: here and here and here and here – not to mention here, here, here, and here. Oh, yeah, started it all off with this.
The one referenced in the article was a guest post over on BlueOregon: Support All Schools, Don’t Divide-And-Conquer.

Hmmm…I hadn’t realized I’d been that prolific…!


  1. Hey, nice job Betsy. I think it’s a great article. I think it’s great to be an activist and to blog about it: too often bloggers just blog yet don’t go beyond their computers: kudos to you.

  2. Scott

    Hot damn Betsy, nice job. And to think, I can say I knew you before you were famous! At least barely…=)

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