Sun Richter makes her professional debut…

...and it was a knock-out of an evening to be sure! We have photos of Sun with Esperanza Spalding (the event's headliner) & Hailey Niswanger, both performing as part of the American Music Program benefit concert at the Gerding Theater last Sunday evening. She even had her very first request for an autograph after the show! But don't believe what this oh-so-biased mother of the baby diva might say - instead, noted local photographer John Rudoff captured the event for Oregon Music News. And yep, he brought tears to my eyes with this description of Sun: ...and the diminutive Sun Richter, whose immense voice far outweighs her, stunned the audience with her blues. [Read more...]

Pulling out the roadie equipment for this weekend’s benefit concert!

The Kia's got a full tank of gas? Check. #SheTeen's dress is already at the dry cleaners? Transportation schedules coordinated between the two co-parent taxis for rehearsals this week? Check and check. And just why are we moving into performance mindsets already - well before school starts/band rehearsals kick in? Well - there's a Big Benefit this weekend for the American Music Program. With any luck, the monies raised will help offset the travel expenses that go along with the ambitious national competition plan already laid out for the band this year. We already have Esperanza Spalding on board, no less. AMP alumna Spalding loves to support the efforts of her [Read more...]

Betsy’s stuffed zucchini canoes

I received the baseball-bat zucchini below as a 'gift' from a co-worker, who is inundated with zucchini these days. I took it with me to #MrWhimGrin's house last weekend and made the casserole below. Then, my friend @StephStricklen talked about the 3 'toddler-sized' zucchini she'd been gifted with last night on Twitter. I sent her my recipe in 140c bursts, but thought it needed deeper notarization - a point that #MrWhimGrin agreed with, as both he and his friends (who got the other canoe we made Saturday night) want the recipe as well! As is usual for me, I'm not going to get proportions accurate here. Go with what sounds good to you! I also believe this was originally [Read more...]

“Hey, lady? I almost killed your kid yesterday…”

The little boy had to be 5 years old. Maybe 6. He was clearly all excited about riding his 'big boy' bicycle. He had his helmet on, and a big ear-splitting grin on his face. I remember seeing that grin - that helmet - as he went rocketing down his driveway and out into the road in front of me. Missing my car by, oh, a foot. Maybe two. I slammed on my brakes (easy to do - I was only going maybe 20 mph on SE Stark at the time). Watched as he made it to the other side of the road, so very proud of himself for going as fast as he was going. Without! Falling! Over! And then I sat there, shaking uncontrollably for the next few minutes. His mom? (Or so I presume, [Read more...]