Life is: Messy. I am: OK with that. Who knew?

Sure, friends know that there's all kinds of Stuff going on with me right now. And yes, I've talked about some level of it on this blog, or on Twitter. (Some might say in a completely TMI way, but hey - it's what I apparently do...) But that's still not the whole story. In one window? I'm getting medical updates, hearing how well the DVD I sent was received & tentatively planning a trip back to Michigan to see my father, probably for the last time. On the other screen? Am scrambling to stay ahead of a crazy-busy schedule at the office. Or manage an equally busy household, which included a birthday celebration for my now-19-year old son (yes, REALLY. I [Read more...]

Green light to get back on the horse!

Saw my new physical therapist yesterday to more thoroughly evaluate the issues I've been having post-auto-accident. It was mostly good news, coupled with exactly what I'd expected (AKA, the 'not so good news' part). He likes the exercises I've been doing already to deal with what's been going on (the nightly yoga + foam rolling work, for example), says I can resume #whimstrolls in a careful way - plus I can go back to the gym & pick up a weight or two, hooray! All in all, I'm instinctively on the right track already, he says. Of course, he gave me a few additional exercises to add to the nightly yoga routine every night to focus in on the problems he was able to verify [Read more...]

Wallowing hip-deep in the toxicity again…

...and it's mostly my own damned fault. (I wish I could be one of those bloggers who only talks about the good stuff & pretends that the bad stuff doesn't exist in a 'la la la la LA' kind of way - but I'm not wired that way. Or else I like revealing my own flaws too much. Go figure...) Mostly, but not entirely. The 'hip-deep' part? It's due to the ever-present hip/back pain that's the side effect of this pleasant event. The toxicity? Yeah, that's squarely on me. Let's just say that I'm trying to self-medicate the pain with one too many nights out; am falling back on some old patterns that it's hard to shake loose of. And yeah - I'm definitely doing the 'look at the [Read more...]

Ringing the auto accident cash register once again…

It turns out I'm not crazy after all. At least according to my doctor, that is. After weeks of not feeling right post-accident (including the need to ratchet the #whimstomps down to a kinder, gentler #whimstroll) and days of popping 2 Aleve each & every morning so I could try and not hobble through the day, I made an appointment with my GP. Told her, in essence "hey, I could be all wet 'cause I have this whole short leg syndrome thing going on and all - but is there any chance the accident might be part of why I'm having a hard time moving lately?" And she cleared time out of her schedule to get me in today ASAP just to try and relieve my mind a bit. Honestly, I'd [Read more...]