Meet Nugget – the #whimcyst that got away

My head really started hurting the other day - right around this spot that I'd had a lump in for what seemed like forever. (A lump that neither my doctor or my hairdresser thought I should be concerned about, actually.) It was a spot about the size of a quarter, located on the back of my head - so I couldn't easily examine it myself. So I turned to those close to me. My son took one look at it and voted 'tumah'. (In his best Schwartzenegger voice - lovely, no?) Two friends looked at it & said nah - it just looked like a big blackhead. Twitter friends came back with the definitive diagnosis: sebaceous cyst (and warned me against looking at YouTube videos of cysts that [Read more...]

In a bit of a lull…

In the wake of the rock 'em sock 'em themed week that was last week for me, I've slowed way down to re-evaluate where I'm at, and/or re-determine what I want to do next. Since the hip is still bothering me & I've not been able to get the needed shoe insert yet? The #whimstomps have moved into a kinder, gentler #whimstroll phase. I still walked across the river to get to the Open Source Bridge conference this past week (hate driving & paying for parking in downtown PDX, so walking and/or mass transit was the default), for example - I just can't go cold turkey after actively looking for ways of walking/moving more, it seems. Also on hold? That whole 'getting stronger' [Read more...]

Last Tuesday? Not a very good day…

Woke up to a ringing phone call from the east coast - at 7 am, no less. (That's usually never a good thing...) Woke up with the nagging twinges that have been occurring with greater frequency in the right hip. And then, I was sideswiped by a little old lady later that afternoon (as I was hustling over to see my chiropractor about the hip, no less). The driver to my right as we both headed east on Belmont thought she needed to be in my lane, it seems. The only problem with that? My car was already occupying said lane. So after crashing into my car, she then crossed over, drove onto the sidewalk, knocked over a sign post & ended up against the wall of the building at [Read more...]

What have I done in six weeks?

Yep, it's time for the final installment of Betsy's 6-week NerdFitness challenge report. Yep, I've been walking. Biking (stationary in the gym, but it counts). Lifting increasingly heavier things. Doing the bendy-bendy yoga stuff every single day now. What have I not been doing? Getting sucked into the toxic. Using rain, thunderstorms or kid emergencies derail me from my goals. Or jumping on a scale obsessively (which only messes with your mind if you do it every day - right?) What did all of this work get me? Well, eliminating the toxic has led to more instances of #whimgrins, for example. Doing daily yoga & regular #whimstomps keeps my stress level way way way down [Read more...]

He’s the ‘Shy Guy’ – or is he?

There's a Shy Guy UPDATE here - see it below... When I first saw him, I thought he was closed in. Indifferent to those around him - save for the fleeting grins as he observed some strange behavior from the people surrounding us both. Indifferent to me, even - barely said two words when we sat briefly together at a table a few weeks ago, in fact. Even when we reacted similarly with eye rolls at each other when the tipsy woman fell off her heels. Again. Until I grabbed the last open seat at the bar recently - the seat next to his, down near where walk-up people order their drinks. He didn't say much - but a few folks said hello to him by name. Or tried to engage me in [Read more...]