Laying claim to a new hashtag: #whimgrin

Sure, I've been firing away on all cylinders when it comes to Getting Betsy Healthy. I'm doing my #whimstomps on a regular basis, leveling up to knock down fitness goals, or getting A+ grades from my doctor these days. I'm also doing what I can to clear out the toxins from other areas in my life - even while trying to maintain my sanity as a full-time parent to two teenagers. But I've been mining one area of my life for superficial comic relief lately - and that's a pretty toxic habit as well (as evidenced by these recent experiences on the dating front). (Do click through, read that last post, and note the date I wrote it...) Why superficial? Because that's how [Read more...]

Guess who just walked 50 miles since 4/30?

Uh, that would be me. Yes, me. (See the lovely certificate below, courtesy of RunKeeper?) My original goal (as part of my 6-week Nerd Fitness challenge, don't you know) was to walk 50 miles & bike 50 miles by 6/11/12. Giving me, uh, 6 weeks to accomplish the walking part. Instead, I did it in less than 3 weeks. How'd I do it? By tracking everything. (This is where RunKeeper on my phone comes in handy.) Well, almost everything. Nope, I'm not including walks through huge grocery stores, or the everyday walking I do as part of my life. But tracking it leads to... ...getting obsessed with stats. Numbers. Quantifiable, tangible proof of what I'm actually doing. [Read more...]

Avoiding ‘teh toxic’ while (trying to) date – harder than it looks!

So I'm trying without much luck to date - as a grown-up, rational adult. With other grown-up, rational, responsible adults, no less. It's way way way harder to do than you might suspect. (Add a few dozen more 'way's to that number and you'll get a more accurate picture, actually.) Or else I have: impossibly high standards might want to consider lowering the bar just a wee bit, or have a frighteningly unrealistic view of the world in which I live in here in Portland, Oregon (Don't feel like you have to weigh in to point out how All of The Above is probably the most accurate POV here, ok? I get it already, as a Woman of a Certain Maturity.) But to [Read more...]

Week 2 of latest 6-week challenge: highlights, low points & graceless tumbles

So another week of my 6 week challenge has come and gone. How am I doing, anyway? Highlights: Crushing that whole 'walk 50 miles' thing with a bunch of long #whimstomps in the sunshine this last week. I'm 72% complete w/this per Runkeeper - or 36 of the 50 miles already done. Go, me! Except, well, for yesterday... The 'bike 50 miles' goal? Not quite so much, as I didn't spend much time in the gym. But I'm betting that might just change this week. (See the 'graceless tumble' part for further details...) Doing a strength workout 3x this past week? Done, baby - DONE. Adding in new activity? Well - how does a daily home yoga practice sound? Added that in as of last [Read more...]

Not everyone gets a song written about them for Mother’s Day, do they?

Well, if you're the parent of #SheTeen (newly immortalized in this picture taken yesterday with Portland's Mayor Sam Adams), you do. Best. Mothers Day. Gift. EVAH. (Until later today, when #HeTeen takes us both to Dick's Kitchen for my Mother's Day dinner, that is...) Now, back out to enjoy the lovely atypical Portland Mother's Day sunshine. Hope your day is equally spendiferous! Monday AM UPDATE: #SheTeen did, in fact, get dessert last evening. Thought you'd want to know/I'd better document it...!