Apparently My Hair ‘Looked Mahvelous!’

I got dragged to another kid event last Friday night. It was fairly uneventful, as middle school events on a Friday night go. #SheTeen was up on stage doing her thing - and two of her girlfriends from last year (both now in high school) came by to help support the school & check up on their former classmates. One of the girls made a point of saying hello to me - and then went back to chattering away magpie-style with the rest of the clump of girls after the performance. And I didn't think anything more of it until earlier today, when #SheTeen recounted their conversation: C: Hey, I saw your Mom earlier! ST: Did you notice anything different about her since the [Read more...]

The ‘Get Betsy Healthy’ Initiative: One Year Later

So last year, I was facing this not-so-lovely jackpot: One year later? I think I can declare my efforts a victory based on this photo alone, no? Ok, ok, a few more out-takes, courtesy of my doctor: You could be the poster child for how to tackle your health issues. Could I set you up in my waiting room? and Whatever you're doing, bottle it and sell it. And then after finally divulging the whole Paleo/Primal bit (had not ever mentioned it before) - including the regular consumption of saturated fats like bacon, heavy cream or coconut oil - she came back with this: With stellar lipid results like these? I don't care how you're getting them - just keep it [Read more...]

Alternatives to ‘Whoa, You’ve Dropped a TON…’

Yep, I've lost a lot of weight in the last few months. Yep, I clearly have much more still to go. (And yes, it's about so much more than just weight, I know - but that's what shows up for most people.) And while I certainly don't mind hearing people comment about it in positive ways, well - I'm going to give you a few tips and/or tricks about what you could say instead of referring to pounds themselves - for me or anyone else around me in the midst of positive changes. Of course, that's where most people in our weight-obsessed, size-obsessed culture automatically go - it's what you look like, not how healthy you actually are. I guess that makes sense in a way, since my [Read more...]

Why I’m doing the #whimstomp these days

Earlier this week, I said I was going to hit next week's physical by giving it everything I've got - specifically, I talked about wanting to walk 1.5 miles each day. I'm not at all a fan of treadmills or ellipticals. Don't much want to do mall walking. So isn't it lovely that I have a pleasant neighborhood to stroll through on evenings/weekends, while I work next to Portland's east-side esplanade - I can walk outside! Getting fresh air, vitamin D and some bonus people watching to boot! Except that it's been raining a lot lately. And my schedule's been jam-packed full. So full that I was pretty sure I wouldn't get a walk in on Monday - yes the day that was A Day. Except [Read more...]

Ack! T-9 days…

...until the 1-year anniversary of last year's physical. The one that got me off my butt (both literally and figuratively) to deal with some longstanding health concerns that had just moved into the yellow zone. And how will I celebrate this anniversary, you wonder? By scheduling a follow-up annual physical to happen on 4/19/12. (Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm such a party animal...) Honestly? I could stroll in right now and I'd get a huge honking 'Most Improved' medal from my doctor, along with numbers that are much, much lower across the board (BP, cholesterol, weight, blood sugars, etc.) But I'm sorry - that's not enough for me. So I'm issuing myself a challenge (and [Read more...]