We’re in Monterey!

We made it to Monterey yesterday afternoon! And by we, I mean 12 of the band members in the American Music Program's Pacific Crest Orchestra, competing as one of five finalists in the Conglomerate Big Band division at 9:30 am on Sunday. And the 6 of us adults serving as chaperones/taxi service/roadies, that is. (The performance will be live-streamed on Sunday; will share the link later for those interested Link now here for the serra ballroom; PCrest is performing Sun at 9:30.) I'll have all kinds of stories in detail, but for now, some quick hits: Yes, the weather is much MUCH nicer than it is right now in Portland. I'll try not to gloat too much... I'd forgotten almost [Read more...]

We really don’t get frequent flyer benefits from ER visits, do we?

If we did, though - we would have racked up the points in triple-time recently. Why? Let's just shift the credit/blame over to my not-yet-fully-independent #HeTeen, who has racked up the following in just under 2 months: 2 different visits to 2 different emergency rooms 1 major surgery/overnight stay; 1 ER procedure that still required sedation 2 eye-popping anesthesiologist bills (one pending, one already delivered, ouch) and both generated lovely associated family drama and/or displayed less than impeccable timing First up? The emergency appendectomy, performed at just before midnight on Valentine's Day. Yes, #HeTeen diagnosed it himself, as evidenced by this text [Read more...]

Oh, the mighty…

...have fallen. Or been slacking, preoccupied, or just really freaking busy. I'll be back tomorrow with a full report, never fear. But for now? The teaser... Louis Vuitton luggage, jackets complete with pocket scarves, button-downs, killer jackets - and no cell phone??? Surely there's a story there... The guy from 8 years ago who appeared out of the blue - and then disappeared again after making tentative date plans? Had wrong cell # in phone. (yep, verified same) Why I'm working out with Biggie these days, and... an update on my new roadie career (which has me hauling equipment for four days this week before we depart for Monterey Friday).

And the slide continues…

You thought yesterday was bad, with the whole 'no gym/sit on ass' bit? Well, I'm blaming tonight on the fries from Burgerville. No, I didn't eat the fries. I dont even like fries. But I adore the way that they smell. And that odor - wafting over from the passenger seat as #sheteen wolfs down her 'in between afternoon jazz band rehearsal & city-wide evening honors choir rehearsal' reminded me that I was hungry. And still, I had an hour & a half to kill near Madison HS until #sheteen was done. So I committed dietary hari-kari. Indian buffet from Namaste. (Do make sure that's listed as the cause of death in the autopsy report, won't you? I'd like to say it was worth it, [Read more...]

Worn. Out.

The moral of this story? Don't get too cocky. (yes, I'm outing my flaws & weaknesses here as well as the victories - have to keep it authentic, right?) Sure, I've made great progress on the whole reset/'Get Betsy Healthy' bit. So much so that I got a little overconfident on Friday - did both a 3 mile walk on the waterfront during my lunch hour and a strength workout where I added more weight to my deadlift. Add in an evening of dancing (make that 2 nights), not enough sleep, & an overindulgence or two on the whiskey front, and I'm one sore puppy today. So today's planned workout? Out the window. Instead, I'm sitting on my ass in the recliner watching [Read more...]