What am I giving up?

OK - if I'm going to get really serious about the Get Betsy Healthier already reset, well - that means I have to give some things up. Not because I think there are Serious Lurking Issues to address - it's just time to take a break. From spending money that's better spent on plane tickets for the Monterey trip at the end of March, for example. Or from foods that may be harmless for almost everyone - but may be holding me back. From behaviors that are holding me back. Or from a beverage I've been closely identified with for far too long. What am I talking about? Well, here's the list: Nuts. They've been the go-to snack for a while now - and while they're [Read more...]

Leveling up – Week One

I did it! I told myself (but I didn't tell you guys) that I was going to do 3 strength training workouts last week. And while I assumed I'd do them at home (using the lone 10 lb dumbbell I bought to do one-arm rows with) well - I went to the gym twice instead. And I used the weights in the free weight section like a big girl! (Most of my work was in the corner/on the mats still - am still not comfortable. But at least I'm there...) After 1 day of a cobbled-together workout, I sprung for the Rebel Fitness Guide over at Nerd Fitness, and I'm now working my way through their Level 1 Rookie Workout. (Sure, I could have put something together myself, paid a personal [Read more...]

Leveling up: continuing that whole ‘Get Betsy healthy’ schtick

Update: How'd I do during Week 1 of the new & improved 'Get Betsy Healthy' campaign? AH-MAZE-ing, that's how! (It's all about baby steps & incremental progress, it is...) So it's been 10 months since I had my 'you're profoundly unhealthy' wake-up call. And while I've made a ton of progress (see the list of links at the bottom for the backstory), well- I'm not done yet. And since I'm now gunning for my one-year anniversary physical in late April, well - it's time to face the last remaining demons in my closet and kick it up a notch already. See, I have the whole 'what to eat' thing locked and loaded at this point. Eating real food (paleo, primal, ancestral - pick your [Read more...]

#SheTeen’s going to California! *

Well, just because I haven't been talking much about #jazzband doesn't mean we haven't been sucked wholesale into All Things Jazzband these days. The Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra has been appearing at a few local concerts here and there, while I continue to play the role of annoying over-enthusiastic parent cheerleader & hanger-on (according to #SheTeen, anyway). But their next opportunity? Well, it's a killer one - & IMHO, warrants a bit more enthusiasm than I've been permitted to display publicly about ATJB lately. We learned last night that the group is one of either 12 or 6 (depending on the category they're competing in) groups who made it through the recorded [Read more...]