Rebooting meal planning for w/o 1-22

So...what's the post-mortem on last week's meal plan, you wonder? (You may not really be wondering, but I'mma gonna tell you anyway...) SO...Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday went off without a hitch (yes, smartasses - the kitchen stayed closed on Tuesday as promised, so I can still count it in the Plus column, right? Right...) Monday's meatloaf? #Teens hated it, while I thought it was perfectly fine. But since I wasn't going to eat it all myself, it got revised into what was going to be spaghetti sauce on Thursday. Until neither kid showed up for dinner by the time it was ready. At that point? I tossed some greens in it as well (just as #HeTeen walked in the [Read more...]

Meal prep for the week of 1/15

It's another busy week ahead of us, with evening events that won't get us home until at least 6 pm at the earliest most nights. So we need meals that can fill in around the edges - things I can grab for myself only after Wednesday evening's marathon, when we leave the house at 7:15 am and don't get back until 8:45 pm (#SheTeen gets dinner at her middle school event, at least), for example. Or items I can point #HeTeen at if/when we're not home (not that he'll typically eat leftovers - but it's always worth a try...) Complicating things even further? My picky requirement that at least 90% of the food be paleo-friendly (before kid adaptations close to finishing time, that [Read more...]

Paper-livetweeting #SheTeen’s concert

Apparently, when your phone dies and you still want to capture a moment or three - you resort to paper tweeting your impressions. At least you do if you're my friend @marysuzannepdx, that is! But if you want to see the whole thing, you'll have to do the 'click for more' thing...

Twitter reaction to #SheTeen singing at Jimmy Mak’s

My kid belted out two songs with the Pacific Crest Orchestra (directed by Thara Memory) last night. Of course, I'm going to tell you she was spectacular. #SheTeen herself? After watching the first cut videos from friends - well, she's not happy. But if you want to see the whole thing, you'll have to do the 'click for more' bit...