Creating the chili – a morning-after activity

(I'd consider this the part two to the previous post - read that first if you want to know what inspired this creation...) Woke up with an, um, excess of energy this morning - so thought I'd put it to, uh, productive use. Of course, I live-tweeted the creation as follows: Time to make the (beanless) chili that the kids won't eat. Pulled out 2-5 lbs of stew meat, 2 onions, 2 peppers, and assorted cans of tomato products. I'm not really crying, you know (am just chopping the onions...) Onions go into bottom of crockpot with bacon fat & beef suet on high, w/handful of kosher salt. Yes, I'm rough-chopping the veggies (I'm just working it out, is all...) Used big knife to manhandle [Read more...]

I meant what I said

Update x2, Monday afternoon: Um, not viable. At least I was (atypically) generous. Back to the drawing board.Update, Sunday evening: The gentleman and I talked via phone for an hour or so this evening. Profuse apologies were offered, along with a side dish of blunt honesty. A tentative truce is in place, pending future F2F conversation soon. Why am I doing this? We are all fundamentally flawed human beings at our core, and most of us deserve at least a second chance to redeem ourselves - no? But I am, of course, still watchful... A Three Act story of last night's date, acted out via text message/phone/conversation. Backstory: I mean what I say. No games, drama, [Read more...]

I guess I’m going to be one of those mothers after all…

When you have a child you believe has been given special gifts, you do what you can to nurture them. But if you're me, you don't always believe that she has the raw talent, or the interest to see it through long-term - so you backpedal a bit. Or you think it's the personality - rather than ability - that's responsible. You don't assume your kid was born to be a star - even if she starts selling off her autograph at the age of six. Don't start rearranging your own life in preparation to manage her career, Lohan-style - even when she wants to take this music class, or participate in that activity. Listen to the experts who advised holding off on things like private [Read more...]

A Very Paleo Thanksgiving

So part of the reason why I really didn't want to go have Thanksgiving with friends is 'cause I'm still on the #Paleo wagon (and really don't want to be derailed just yet). Sure, I could have made friends suffer through a Paleo Thanksgiving (I know it's no real sacrifice - but there are those who can't live without stuffing. Or pie. Or homemade rolls. Or or or...) Or I could have picked out the stuff I could eat at a friend's house. But I'm more than happy to make mashed potatoes for my friend Sabrina - if she's willing to eat the rest of what I'm making. (And as you will see, there's a Paleo compromise or two on the menu. See if you can pick it out!) So, without further [Read more...]

What am I thankful for?

It's a quiet year here this year at Thanksgiving - and that's just fine with me. I'm using this almost kid-free weekend to work through things I'd like to preserve & things I'd like to discard over the next few months (in anticipation of a major milestone birthday that frankly, scares the bejeezus out of me), and am in a contemplative mood as a result. So I bailed on the whole 'have people over for dinner'. Bailed on the 'go to friends for dinner (as immortalized in previous T-Day posts below - most notably the 'green bean casserole' post.) And I'm also not picking strangers up for dinner, either. (What? It's also been done - see 'Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.' link below.) [Read more...]