Part One: “So what’s this whole Paleo thing about, anyway?”

I've been reluctant to talk more about my food practices these days - in particular, the Paleo lifestyle I've embraced wholeheartedly. Why? I remember the days where I was gung-ho about Atkins - only to fall silent when I eventually did the Frankenfood crash & burn. Have been a cheerleader for the Mediterranean Plan, the 'eat real food' plan, and the 'locavore' model. Have toyed with vegetarianism, raw foodism, and every other kind of food-related -ism you can shake a turkey leg at. So yes - I freely admit that I was a) gun-shy and b) afraid of (maybe? eventually?) having to eat my words one day. And yes - I don't much care any more. Because I'm getting [Read more...]

Comments from the snarky teens…

While the rest of the world may be impressed with the healthy changes I've made, my own children remain blase, unimpressed, and/or snarky. (One would think they'd be happy about the fact that they may not have to provide expensive medical care for me way down the road someday - but apparently they weren't going to do that anyway.) Here's a sampling of what I've heard from them lately... On what I'm currently making for dinner: "Ugh - who in the hell would eat that?" "Don't you know by now, Mom, that you don't really know how to cook meat. It's always dry, tough & way too chewy." (might have something to do with the fact you want your steak medium-well, [Read more...]

Slight speed bump on the ‘healthy’ plan

So one of the things I most loved about starting to exercise more was taking time out of my work day to walk along the esplanade along the Willamette River here in Portland, Oregon. As someone who was used to eating at my desk without a break, it was both a mental and physical 'stress time out' to get some time outside in the sun (yay, Vitamin D!) with just my thoughts and a podcast or two. And at first, I'd come back from my 2.5 mile walk feeling refreshed, energized & ready to tackle the rest of the day. Until I realized I was dragging one leg behind me after a mile or so...had bad back cramps & pain that kicked in an hour or so after the walk...and other funky symptoms. [Read more...]