Betsy gets healthy, pt 2

So I was doing great back on June 20th. But where am I a month later? See, this little thing called a bat mitzvah - coupled with out-of-town visitors (one a NYC chef who wanted to see the famed PDX food scene) & a ton of vacation time off derailed me a bit from my now-almost paleo ways. While I stayed clear of sugar, wheat & cheese, I did succumb to a fabulous lentil rice pilaf & other bean-y things (falafel/hummus). And I did have a bite or two of challah, come to think of it. All-in-all? 85-90% paleo for the 2 weeks surrounding bat mitzvah. The exercising? Not so much over the last 2 weeks (although I snuck in some pool time while at the hotel), sigh. Unless you [Read more...]

The bat mitzvah?

It is over. My daughter performed admirably. With aplomb, even. (Yes, she accomplished an all-time first at our synagogue, by tap dancing on the bimah as part of her thank you speech. Yes, our rabbi was fine with it - even threatening to join her during a pre-planning conversation...) Me? I have stories -- oh, do I have stories. But I'm also completely exhausted after the fifty-zillion parties before and after, and still have one more family dinner tonight before the last guest departs later this evening. So the stories will have to wait...